Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh
Manager, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Operations and Security
Halton Healthcare

Health Informatics - MSc (2018)

Joe Walsh, who has already completed a MSc in Health Informatics with our School, is now spending his evenings and weekends working on his PhD in Health Informatics.  In addition to his studies, Joe is the Manager of ICT (Information and communications technology) Operations and Security at Halton Healthcare. Joe and his team manage the technical infrastructure for 3 Community Hospitals in Ontario which involves all hardware and software technologies in use at their hospitals to optimize clinical outcomes and patient experiences. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe has been doing critical work in the healthcare field and has adapted quickly to their hospitals’ needs to modify ICT support during this crisis.  Joe says, “I was doing everything I could, from dragging pallets of equipment around the back halls of the hospital, to testing collaboration applications for our staff to work in new ways, video conferencing applications for physicians performing virtual visits, and other technologies for families to visit loved ones in a hospital that can’t have visitors.”

“One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered has been improvising with our technologies.”  Joe adds, “We’ve been working on expanding our clinical capacity in case we have a sudden need. One of our hospitals is relatively new, and was built with over 100,000 square feet of unfinished space for later use.  The organization decided to quickly build out some of those spaces to take on an additional 260 patients if there was a sudden need.  Our 20 year plan for deployment was ramped up to just a few weeks.”

A piece of advice Joe would like to share with future Health Informatics students: “Collaboration between students with diverse clinical and technical backgrounds was the most significant shift for me.  I find that even when we have professional exposure to healthcare, we can be very focused to our own team’s perspectives and ideals.  My best advice to students considering the program would be get in, get involved, and don’t miss the opportunity to share your perspective with other health professionals.”

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