Zen Tharani

Zen  Tharani
Xenex Consulting Inc.

Health Information Science - BSc (2002), Health Informatics - MSc (2020)

Zen Tharani is a graduate from the University of Victoria with a BSc in Health Information Science.  He also holds an MSc. in Health Informatics from University of Central Lancashire (UK). Zen recently completed his work as the Executive Director for Digital Health with the BC Ministry of Health and is now back in the consulting space.

With over two decades of experience in the Health Informatics field, Zen has applied the skills he has learnt within the program to a variety of professional projects while also working to transform the healthcare sector. “The balance between people, technology, and the business of the healthcare sector that a Health Information Science career offers has been key in keeping me engaged and passionate about the work I do.” 

Throughout his schooling and career experience, Zen has learned the fundamentals and importance of decision making to benefit patients. Zen says: “Over the course of my career, I have tried to keep one thing at the top of my mind, especially when there are difficult decisions to make. That one thing is keeping the patient at the forefront. Decisions become easy when you ask yourself and your team: ‘What is the right thing to do for the people? What are the people asking for?  What will enable and empower people?’”

Zen’s advice to students considering a degree in Health Information Science is to connect and engage with students and graduates of the program. Ask questions about the program that are worrying you and see what it is like to be a Health Information Science student. “It is now easier than ever to connect with people. And remember when it comes time, be ready to give back.”