Naima Salemohamed

Naima  Salemohamed
Health Informatics Consultant
Telus Health

Health Information Science - BSc (2014), Health Informatics - MSc (2017)

Naima Salemohamed, a graduate with a BSc in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria, is currently working as a Health Informatics Consultant at Telus Health. She has worked on knowledge translation projects, presented at eHealth conferences, published white papers with Digital Health Canada and recently completed her Masters in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. Naima’s next goals are to work on publishing her thesis, continuing to bring Digital Health Canada to the West and not only growing, but sharing her knowledge in the healthcare field.

To Naima, Health Information Science is an exciting and growing field, and the co-op experience and career opportunities offered by it attracted her to pursue a degree in this field. The Health Information Science community at the University of Victoria is like a family to her, and the knowledge and skills she has learned such as health system design, usability assessment, quality improvement and project management have helped her to become the leader she is today.

Naima finds the knowledge tangible to be applied in her personal life as well, to become an active patient who is always informed about her health conditions. These skills have also made a difference in her volunteering endeavors. While at the University of Victoria, she received the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award in which she worked on a privacy security project under the supervision of Dr. Karen Courtney. The co-op program allowed her to try out different types of jobs, to gain new valuable experiences, and to figure out what she wants for her career. During her undergraduate degree, she was also the recipient of the Health Information Science Co-op Student of the Year Award. Finally, Naima is always willing to mentor those interested in Health Informatics and is appreciative of those who have helped her along her Health Informatics journey.

Health Information Science has been a big influence in my personal life. Many of the skills that I have learned have lead me to exciting opportunities in my community, and these skills have been tangible to other places of my life.