Finance your education

Answers to questions about tuition, fees and other costs can be found at the Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees.

For tuition and fee purposes in the Current Tuition and Fees Schedule:

  • Health Terminology Standards Certificate students should refer to the Graduate Certificate Health Terminology Standards
  • MSc On campus students should refer to standard tuition fees for master's students
  • MSc Distributed students should refer to non-standard tuition for selected master's programs
  • PhD students should refer to non-standard tuition for selected doctoral programs

Funding support

We recognize exceptional students with graduate funding through individual awards. Awards vary depending on the total funds available and the number of qualified students. The faculty make funding decisions based on the following guidelines:

  • For all students, funding is based on academic performance. We will only consider students with a GPA of A- (7.0) or higher.  Only the top 25% of eligible MSc students may receive funding.
  • Each year, each student is evaluated for scholarship funding. There are no multi-year commitments.
  • Students may receive up to a maximum of 3 years funding subject to academic performance and progression.
  • Students on leave are not eligible for this funding.

Additional information on graduate student funding can be found at: