PhD in Health Informatics

The next application entry term is September 2024 with an application deadline of December 1, 2023.

We offer a PhD in Health Informatics program which will prepare scholars to discover and extend their scientific knowledge and advance the science and practice of health informatics. Many of our PhD graduates:

  • Assume leadership roles in health informatics and health care systems
  • Generate new knowledge through research and testing of theory and contribute to feasible solutions to advance health care in a culturally diverse society
  • Translate research findings into practice and policy at multiple levels
  • Reflect an interdisciplinary perspective in research and scholarly endeavours

The program is built around our core interdisciplinary specializations:

  • Design and structure of digital information systems
  • Implementation and evaluation of digital health information systems
  • Health information systems applications
  • Health data science and analytics
  • Patient and equity-focused health technology interventions