Program requirements

Program of study

The Graduate Certificate Program in Health Terminology Standards has four graduate level courses for a total of 6 units. 

HINF 535 (1.5 units) Health Information Standards
HINF 536 (1.5 units) Controlled Terminology Standards
HINF 537 (1.5 units) Health Information Exchange Standards
HINF 597 (1.5 units) Field Project in Health Informatics 

Our program is designed to span for one year.

Course Delivery Methods

In the certificate program, the courses will be offered through blended delivery methods including online classes, a virtual workshop and an individual field project. Our online classes meet weekly with real-time, online, interactive sessions with the instructor and students. 

HINF 537 is a blended format with a virtual workshop and an online class component.

HINF 597 will be taken as a capstone project where the students will apply their knowledge and skills acquired from the earlier courses in an experiential project within a selected area of health terminology standards.

Your field project is a capstone project course that will give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in an area of health terminology standards that you are interested in.  These projects are meant to be practice-oriented and address a terminology-related issue or need in an organization.  The projects are meant to be completed within a four-month time period.

Field Projects are not a substitute for the research project (HINF 598), thesis (HINF 599) or dissertation (HINF 699) although they may inform that work.