Parking and transportation services

Changes to parking - effective Sept. 1, 2022

The university is committed to taking action on the global crisis of climate change. Changing parking management practices and encouraging faculty, staff and students to use sustainable modes of travel helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Effective Sept. 1, 2022, annual parking permits will be replaced by monthly permits and other flexible options, to provide greater choice and flexibility for commuters.

Reduced rate Value permits will continue to be available for lots that are further from the centre of campus (e.g. Velox and Ian Stewart Complex lots, off Gordon Head Road, and Lam Circle). Value permits cost 35% less than General permits, and are priced at $48.75 a month. Value permit rates are $6 per day compared to $9 per day for General parking for those that park on campus less frequently.

Students, faculty and staff have a range of parking options including the Flex 25 pass, which offers 25 daily single-use General parking permits with no expiry date. Those with a Flex 25 permit are also eligible to purchase an employee bus pass.

The cost of an employee bus pass will be reduced from $38.50 to $35 per month.

Discounted rates (equal to the cost of a Value permit) will be available for campus community members with a Parking Permit for Persons with Disabilities, who require parking close to buildings.

Parking revenues support Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. The revenue from pay parking offsets the cost of sustainable transportation programs at UVic, including subsidized bus passes for students and employees, and cycling facilities, including the Campus Bike Centre, bike shelters and racks.

Please see the Parking and Transportation FAQ page for more information.

All motor vehicles parked on the Gordon Head Campus must have a valid parking permit Monday to Saturday, 24 hours a day. There is no charge for parking on Sundays and BC statutory holidays. Permits are virtual and do not need to be displayed. Your permit is tracked using your vehicle license plate which is required at the time of purchase.

Visitor parking

Visitors to campus may park at a short term meter or use one of the many permit dispensers located in parking lots around campus. Please note that reserved spaces on campus are marked and require a reserved permit.

More information

Whether you are a first time visitor, or have been on campus for awhile, please familiarize yourself with parking and transportation options on campus prior to your arrival.

Getting to campus - other than by single occupant vehicle

As the University of Victoria is a destination point for upwards of 20,000 individuals on any given day, there are a multitude of options available to get you to the campus. Walking is a popular choice for those living a short distance from the campus.     

With subsidized bus passes for qualifying employees and a subsidized bus pass for all students, UVic has the second most active transit hub in Greater Victoria. There are eight different transit routes that access the University.

Victoria is well known for its extensive cycling routes and wonderful scenery. A number of cycling routes access the university. Bike racks are located adjacent to every building on the campus and a small U-fixit area has been provided beside the north doors of the Parkade at the UVic Centre.

Student UPASS

UVic is the second most active transit hub in the Greater Victoria region. Each day buses serve thirteen regular transit routes to and from campus, each linked to the entire Victoria Regional transit network.

All students taking at least one course on campus have a U-Pass, and employees are able to purchase the new discounted Employee Bus Pass. Each is valid for travel throughout the region, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Please visit the BC Transit website for detailed schedule information. Information on how to access the U-Pass can be found on the University of Victoria Students Society website.

Visitors to campus can use the full range of bus passes available from BC Transit, from a one-way ticket, to a day pass, to a monthly pass.

Employee Bus Pass

The subsidized Employee Bus Pass offers continuing, full time UVic employees the option of using transit instead of commuting by vehicle to the Gordon Head Campus and thus having to purchase a parking permit.  These bus passes are not transferable and are for use by eligible employees only. The eligible employee must agree to purchase the transit pass for their sole personal use to commute to the University of Victoria Gordon Head Campus. Eligible employees will have a continuing, full time appointment and cannot purchase a regular monthly parking permitPlease see eligibility rules, located here.

In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, the UVic investment toward employee participation in the Employee Bus Pass program is considered a taxable benefit. Your paycheque will be the tax on the UVic portion. Bus passes can be purchased at Campus Security during business hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding balance on your account must be paid in full prior to your bus pass purchase.


Victoria is well known for its extensive and scenic cycling routes. With UVic's variety of cycling facilities, including showers, lockers and over 4000 bike parking spaces across campus, cycling is easy to factor into your travel plans.

Visit the Sustainable Transportation website for information on cycling to, from and within campus. Please note that cycles parked on campus must be locked to a cycle rack, or within a cycle locker or cycle storage room, those that are not may be impounded by Campus Security. The University’s regulations for Cycling can be found here.

If you cannot locate your bike when you return, please inquire with Campus Security at 250-721-7599


The average adult walking speed is 4.3 km/h. In a half-hour, you can cover over 2 km.

If your 2 km. drive to campus took ten minutes (including finding parking, and walking to your building), for an investment of an additional 20-minutes, you get 30 minutes of exercise, save the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and you don't need to pay for parking.

 Visit the Maps and Buildings page for walking and jogging routes around campus.

Car Share - Modo

UVic has a Partnership Membership with Modo! As a member through the UVic carshare program, you also have access to all the cars in Modo fleet around Greater Victoria and Metro Vancouver.

As a Member-Owner (individual plan Modo Plus rates) in the carshare program, you can use Modo's 24-hour online booking system to reserve a vehicle. When finished, just return the car to the same location. 

Locations at UVic:

  • Two cars are located at Lot 2 by Campus Security
  • One car is located at the Family Student Housing (FSH) complex

Rates and qualifications:

Employees and Family Student Housing

UVic will pay the membership fee (a value of $500) for qualifying employees and FSH students, and you pay the regular usage fees (Modo Plus rates).

The program is available for full-time and continuing employees who normally work at the Gordon Head Campus or students living in Family Student Housing who do not have a parking permit.

See the application forms below and the Modo website for more details and driving eligibility requirements.

Employee Application Form

Family Student Housing Application Form

Graduate Students

The Grad student program is for UVic graduate students as members of the Graduate Students' Society (GSS). For an non-refundable fee of $50 to the GSS, students can join Modo for as long as they are members of the GSS. Contact the GSS for more information.

Accessible parking

There are over 70 accessible parking spaces on campus and are conveniently located in each parking lot. You are required to display a valid government issued accessible placard and UVic parking permit. Accessible placards are also valid in any reserved general and short term spaces on campus, general permit rates apply. If you have a temporary medical situation, you may qualify for a Temporary Medical Permit. This permit allows you to park in reserved, general or short term parking, UVic parking permit required. A doctor’s note is required and the permit will be issued for a maximum of 30 days.  For situations lasting longer than 30 days, you may apply for an accessible parking permit through  Please see this website for application details. If your need is not covered by an existing space or permit, please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

UVic has seven Level 2 (240 v), 60 amp electric vehicle charging stations. These EV chargers are available for the campus community and guests to top up their electric car batteries 24/7 in meter parking spaces.


  • Four EV stations are beside the Campus Security Building in parking lot #2
  • One EV station is at University House One (UH1)
  • Two EV stations next to Fine Arts building in parking lot #6

A paid parking session or UVic parking permit is required.

For a map of electric vehicle charging stations locally and across North America, go to

Guidelines for using EV charging stations on campus can be found here

UVic Motor Pool Rentals

Do you need a vehicle occasionally for university business? Campus Security maintains a Motor Pool Fleet available for rental by UVic employees. Vehicle options include mini vans (seating up to 8 including driver) as well a 1 ton cube van and are available for short or long term rentals. For more information call 250-721-6557 and see Campus Security.

Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Motorcycle and scooter parking — including several covered areas —is located in numerous lots around campus. Limited speed motorcycles (without pedals, and requiring a license, registration and insurance) require a motorcycle permit and must be parked in motorcycle parking areas. See the parking map for details.

Motorist Assistance Program

Campus Security is pleased to offer this complimentary service to the University community. Dead Battery, car won't start, flat tire, locked out, ran out of gas? We can help. Just call our 24 hour dispatch center for service. 250-721-7599

  • Officers will provide a battery boost device for you to start your vehicle.
  • Assistance can be provided to help you locate a missing vehicle.
  • Totem Towing will provide fuel, lockout or other services at preferred rates.

Vehicles must be located on University property to receive assistance. On site service may be delayed due to call volume.

Bicycle and Equipment Lockers

Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis and can be rented for a month, term or on an annual basis.  Please see one of our customer service staff at Campus Security to see what is available and to arrange a rental.