Citation payment

Outstanding citations may be paid online with Visa or MasterCard only, by clicking the Citation payment tab to the left. All citations must be paid before an appeal can be entered.

Please note: If you entered your vehicle licence plate number incorrectly and received a citation, please contact us prior to submitting an appeal. In many cases, this can be resolved simply, avoiding the appeal process.

Pay your Citation Click Here

How to avoid receiving a parking citation

  • Pay for parking. There are a variety of ways to pay for parking either online, via mobile app or in person when you arrive.
  • Make sure you have entered your licence plate correctly. British Columbia licence plates do not use the letter O.
  • Allow yourself extra time and purchase enough parking so your time won't expire if you are on campus longer than expected.
  • Read posted signage, restrictions vary by location so make sure you take time to read the signs to ensure you are parking in an area that is appropriate, for the permit purchased.
  • Do not park outside of parking areas. Parking or driving close to a building for convenience is not permitted unless you obtain a Restricted Areas Permit from Campus Security.