Contractor Vehicle Access


The University’s Traffic and Parking Regulations governs vehicle use on roadways and in parking lots. This additional information is to guide those driving to and on campus for work purposes on areas such as lanes, paths and other areas where vehicles are typically prohibited.

The University of Victoria is designed as a pedestrian oriented campus.  As visitors to the campus it is important, and expected that vehicles are driven and parked in a manner that is consistent with this pedestrian focus.  The following guidelines are provided in order to promote safety and minimize vehicular conflicts.  Please take the time to review them and share with your vehicle operators.

Any vehicle that requires access to areas other than roadways or designated parking areas, are required to have a Restricted Areas Permit from Campus Security Services.

  • Vehicle operators must be courteous, respect the 15 kmh speed limit and avoid pedestrian conflicts
  • Park in parking lots, designated service areas or zones
  • Marked delivery vehicles may use Service Roads to access designated loading areas
  • Stopping or parking at building entrances is prohibited at all times
  • Loading or unloading, should be done at times when pedestrian activity is low
  • Driving and parking on turf areas and trails is prohibited
  • Pathways are pedestrian use only
  • The main campus quad is a Traverse Free Zone and vehicles are not permitted

Move detailed information and the pedestrian priority map can be found at here.

pedestrian priority map