Parking at The University of Victoria is done by way of virtual permits, whether purchasing online or at one of the parking dispensers; you do not require a physical permit. Your licence plate is your permit and you will be required to enter it when when you purchase parking.

Please note the signage in all lots to ensure you are parking in an area that is valid with the permit you purchase. Areas marked reserved are for designated reserved permit holders only until 5 pm Monday to Friday.


Permit Types and Rates

General Parking

This category is open to employees, students and visitors. This permit is valid in all lots, unless marked reserved or regulated by a short term parking meter.

 Rates below are effective September 1 2021

  • $596 Annual Permit (Sept - Aug)
  • $75 Monthly ($114 until Aug 31 2021)

Reserved Parking

This category is open only to employees and commercial visitors who have purchased reserved permits.

Rates below are effective September 1 2021

  • $1,043 Annual (Sept - Aug)
  • $131 Monthly ($199 until Aug 31 2021)

Motorcycle and Licensed Scooter

Operators are required to purchase parking permits and park in the designated motorcycle parking areas found in most lots.

  • $226 Annually
  • $45 Monthly


Valid at Ian Stewart Complex, Velox and Lam Circle only and priced at a 35% discount from a General permit

  • $387 Annually (Sept - Aug)

Family Housing

Available only to tenants of the Family Housing Complex. Parking is assigned in numbered spaces in pods off of Lam Circle.

  • $298 Annually (Sept - Aug)

Flex 25

A collection of 25 daily single use General parking permits with no expiry date. There is no limit to how many can be purchased in a year. Users receive a code to be used at a parking dispenser to obtain parking for the desired day.

  • $150

Restricted Areas

Restricted Area Permits are available to those making deliveries of materials or equipment or those that require access to tools while on campus. Parking within construction compounds is limited to those who need to be there. Failure to purchase a valid parking permit and obtain a Restricted Access permit can result in the vehicle being issued a citation, immobilized and/or towed.

How to pay for parking:

Permits may be purchased online, at a parking dispenser or in person at Campus Security. In select locations, short term parking meters may be used for stays of up to 90 minutes. Parking dispensers and meters accept Visa, MasterCard and Canadian coin. Payments made at the office can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Interac and cash.


Special event parking

The University is host to many events throughout the year and Campus Security Services is prepared to assist you with your parking needs.

We want to ensure the parking experience for your special event is a pleasant one for all. To avoid any possible misunderstandings and confusion, it is important to involve us during the early planning stages.

Arrangements can also be made for coupon codes for your mailouts, thereby offering your guests complimentary parking from the host department.  Please contact us a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event to make the appropriate arrangements.

For further information or assistance for Special Event Parking contact Parking Services by email at or by phone at 250- 721-6386.