Regulations overview

On campus, in addition to the BC Motor Vehicle Act, operators of motor vehicles are required to comply with the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Owner liable

The registered owner or operator of the motor vehicle is responsible for any violations of the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Permit transferability

Permits are valid for any vehicle brought to campus by the permit holder, provided the vehicles brought to campus (or the registered owners) are not suspended from parking. If a permit holder brings an alternate vehicle and forgets to register the licence plate, then the permit holder must purchase a daily/hourly permit and park in the non-reserved spaces.


Monthly permits are fully refundable if the time period for which they have been purchased for has not started. There is no refund for any other length of permit. Permits will not be refunded where parking privileges have been suspended. A permit holder whose account has a balance due to the university outstanding will have the applicable permit refund applied first to the outstanding balance, with any amount of the refund remaining after payment of the outstanding balance being paid to the permit holder.

Prohibited areas

Parking spaces are designated by white lines, signage or other delimitation marks. No motor vehicle shall be parked on a roadway, grassed area, building entrance, sidewalk, adjacent to yellow curbs, or any other area which has not been designated by the University as a parking area. Violators will be subject to violation fine and immobilized or towed away at owner's expense.

Loading Zones

No motor vehicle shall be parked in a loading zone except for the purpose of loading and unloading. It may only be parked for the minimum time required to load or unload, or the time specified on the sign, whichever is less. Commercial/Residential loading zones are strictly enforced.

Restricted Area

The "inner quadrangle" (all areas inside of the lettered parking lots) is restricted to all vehicular traffic except for University service vehicles and vehicles displaying Restricted Area Permits (RAP's) issued by the Director, Campus Security Services. The speed limit for such areas is 8 km/h. Vehicles found parked or driving in contravention are subject to a citation. Restricted Area Permit applications are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Parking manner

No motor vehicle shall be parked in any parking area or parking lot in other than the manner indicated.

Parking Citations

Any violation of the Traffic and Parking Regulations may result in a citation being issued to the owner or operator of the motor vehicle or placed upon the vehicle by any Security Officer. No person shall tamper with or remove a citation from a motor vehicle other than of which they are the driver.

Violation rates

  • Basic violation  -  $30.00, if paid within 14 days; $60.00, after 14 days.
  • Accessible parking, no valid permit  -  $125.0
  • Parking in an unauthorized or undesignated area  -  $100.00
  • Immobilization release fee  -  $75.00

Failure to pay within 14 days may result in suspension of parking and other campus privileges.

Speed limits

The campus speed limit is 30 km/h, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit in parking lots is 15 km/h.


The University reserves the right to immobilize or tow vehicles at the expense of the registered owner/operator under certain circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following;
  • When regular enforcement action is proving ineffective.
  • When there are excessive outstanding fines on account.
  • When the owner/operator is suspended from parking on campus.
  • When the vehicle presents an environmental danger (eg. leaking gasoline or other hazard).
  • Unauthorized parking in a space designated for disabled users.


Citations and suspensions must be appealed in writing within 14 calendar days from the date of issuance. All citations must be paid before an appeal will be processed. Citation payments will be refunded in full if the appeal is granted, providing no other outstanding parking citations are registered on the account. Parking suspensions are effective immediately regardless of whether an appeal has been entered.


No person shall secure a cycle other than to a cycle rack, within a designated cycle locker, or within a cycle storage room. Cycle racks shall not be used for long-term cycle storage (more than 72 hours), except in the Residence complex and Family Housing. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure rotation at the cycle racks so that other community members have a fair opportunity to use the cycle racks.

Cycles or locking devices that appear to be abandoned, whether due to the length of time they have been left secured to a cycle rack or due to damage, may be tagged for removal by Campus Security. If a tagged cycle or locking device has not been moved after 14 days, Campus Security may impound it. Cycles that are damaged, have missing parts, or present a safety risk may be removed without being tagged first.

Cycles parked in contravention of these Regulations are subject to impoundment by Campus Security. The university is not liable for damage or loss to any locking devices or cycles so impounded.

After 30 days, cycles impounded by Campus Security will be disposed of through a number of methods including: recycling, donation, disposal, or sale through the UVic Surplus Asset Disposal Program. Any monies received will be donated to student bursaries.

For more information...see the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.