Sustainable transportation

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Staff and students alike choose sustainable travel choices

Make sustainable travel choices at UVic 

62% of the UVic campus community chooses sustainable transportation methods, like transit, cycling, walking and carpooling, over the use of single occupancy vehicles (SOVs). These low-carbon and zero-emission transportation options benefit individual health and our planet. For more information on transportation trends at UVic, check out our bi-annual Campus Traffic Survey results. 

UVic is improving capability for a sustainable commute by implementing the student and employee transit programs, providing amenities and infrastructure for cyclists, and sustainable driving options on those days you need a vehicle.

Our 2020-2021 Sustainability Action Plan goals are:

  • Goal 1: Continue to increase the use of transit, cycling, walking and carpooling to 70% of the transportation modal split. 
  • Goal 2: Harmonize fleet management with the Clean BC Plan goal of a 40% reduction in fleet emissions by 2030. 

Check out all the ways to 'green' your commute below!



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