Public transit

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Over 16,000 people use transit to get to campus each day!

Take the bus to campus

Over 26% of campus commuters take transit to UVic. Service runs seven days a week and “low-floor” buses make it easy and accessible. With more than 1,100 buses arriving and leaving each day, you can connect to campus from almost anywhere in the CRD.

Visit the BC Transit website or download the UMO mobile app for more transit information

Student universal bus pass (UPASS)

The U-Pass provides four months of unlimited access to BC Transit on Greater Victoria buses. All students enrolled in at least one on-campus course credited are automatically charged the U-Pass fee, and can activate the U-Pass using their UVic ONECard. The U-Pass is charged to your tuition fees, at only $81 per semester you save up to $259.

All other students who have paid UVSS or GSS fees are eligible to opt-in to the U-Pass, including co-op, online, distance, Island Medical Program, and practicum students. 

If you're an undergraduate student looking for more information on the U-Pass, visit the UVSS website.

If you're a graduate student looking for more information on the U-Pass, visit the GSS website

Employee bus pass program (EPASS)

Unique to UVic, the E-Pass program offers employees monthly Victoria Regional Transit passes at more than 50% off the regular price!

For detailed and up-to-date information, please visit the Campus Security webpage.

In compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, the UVic investment toward employee participation in the Employee Bus Pass program is considered a taxable benefit. Your paycheque will be the tax on the UVic portion. Bus passes can be purchased at Campus Security during business hours.

E-Passes are available for purchase at Campus Security during business hours.

To qualify, an eligible employee is defined as:

  • any employee who lives off campus,
  • any employee who does not have a parking permit,
  • any employee who is benefit-eligible, or
  • any employee who is on a continuing appointment, or
  • any employee who is on a temporary appointment whose hours of work are not less than 3 days per week.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding balance on your account must be paid in full prior to your bus pass purchase. 

BC Transit 10 Ticket Bundle

If you're looking for something in between paying daily bus fare and a full U-Pass or E-Pass, check out BC Transit's 10 Ticket bundle for $22.50. Find out where to purchase tickets by visiting BC Transit's list of Bus Pass and Ticket Vendors

Bikes on the bus

To give you flexibility on your commute, almost all BC Transit buses are equipped with bike racks. Most bikes can be accommodated, however, e-bikes are only allowed on the rack if they weigh less than 25kg (55lbs). For more information on how to use the bike racks, watch the instructional video below.

Watch this instructional video on how to load your bike onto a BC Transit bus.