Partnerships for the goals

UVic is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aligns with key organizations, their values, and methodology to show measurable progress towards climate action and sustainability.  

Feed BC 

Feed BC is a partnership initiative led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to increase the use of B.C. food in B.C. government-supported facilities. Their aim is to collectively 
advance the use and promotion of B.C. foods in ways that positively impact students, 
faculty, staff, and their communities.  

Fair Trade Mark  

UVic measures and reports its total expenditures on certified Fair-Trade products to achieve and maintain a “Fair Trade Campus” certification.  

100% of campus coffee is sourced sustainably and ethically, validated through World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) or Fair-Trade Federation (FTF) membership.

Ocean Wise and Monterey Bay Sea Watch 

Since 2019, UVic has been a partner of Ocean Wise, a global charity that has been working to reduce overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change for 50 years. The Ocean Wise logos are present on our menus and signs across all our dining outlets to raise awareness in the campus community about protecting our oceans. 

We source shrimp, tuna, and other seafood from Ocean Wise certified suppliers, promoting the consumption of products harvested with sustainable practices, avoiding overfishing and ocean pollution. 

Food Forward Initiative 

University Food Services is an institutional partner with the Food Forward Initiative, which offers recipes and resources to ensure that 50 percent of the total meals are plant-based. 

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