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To help assist in reaching our waste diversion goals, we have launched a Recyclepedia search bar. Type your item into the search bar to determine the correct disposal technique. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email us at action@uvic.ca.  
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ItemCategoriesWaste streamKeywords
Aerosol cansHazardous wasteOccupational Health & Research Safetyspray can, paint can, spray cans, paint cans, chemical sprays, hairsprays, air fresheners
Aluminum cansMetalRecyclepop cans, cans, aluminium cans
A/V equipment ElectronicsRecycleDVD players, CD players, record players, VCR
Batteries - Lithium ionBatteriesRecycleLi-ion battery, rechargeable battery
Batteries - Nickel cadmiumBatteriesRecycleNiCd battery, NiCad battery, rechargeable battery
Batteries - Nickel metal hydride BatteriesRecycleNiMH battery, Ni-MH battery, rechargeable battery
Batteries - Nickel ZincBatteriesRecycleNi-ZN battery
Batteries - single useBatteriesRecycleAlkaline battery, AA battery, AAA battery, batteries, battery
Batteries - rechargeableBatteriesRecyclestorage battery, rechargeable
BooksPaperRecyclebooklet, pamphlet
Boxboard PaperRecyclecereal boxes, cereal box, cartons, cardboard
CDs & DVDsElectronicsRecyclecompact disc, electronic media, cassette tapes, discs, floppy disc
Cell phoneCell phonesRecyclemobile phone, mobile, cellular device
ClothingClothing/textilesCampus free store
Coffee cupBeverage containersRecyclepaper cup, disposable cup, dixie cup
Coffee cup lidPlasticsRecyclelid
Coffee cup sleevePaperRecycle
Coffee makersAppliancesRecycle
Compostable take out containers OrganicsCompostcompostable, take out container, paper container, clamshell
ComputerElectronicsRecycledesktop, hard drives, PCs, notebook computers, tablets, iPad, MAC
Computer mouseElectronicsRecycleMice (electronic)
Condiment packetsPlasticsLandfillplastic packets, ketchup packet, mustard packet, soya sauce packet
Desks FurnitureRecycle
Drink cans Beverage containersRecycle
EnvelopesOffice suppliesRecycle
Fax MachinesElectronicsRecycle
Filing cabinetsFurnitureRecycle
Foam core boardPaperLandfillfoamcore, foam board,
Foil-lined bagsMetalLandfillchip bags, granola bar wrappers, candy wrappers
Food OrganicsCompostorganic waste, food, food waste,food scraps, organics, meat, fruit, vegetables, plants, sushi, salad, wrap, smoothie
FridgesAppliancesRecycleRefrigerator, freezer, freezers, bar fridge
Glass bottleGlassRecyclejuice bottle
Glass jarsGlassRecyclemason jar
Hard drives ElectronicsRecycle
Juice bottle Beverage containersRecycle
Juice boxBeverage containersRecycle
Lab wasteHazardous wasteOccupational Health & Research Safetyhazardous waste, hazwaste
Magazines PaperRecyclenewsletters
Milk/soy/rice containersBeverage containersRecycle
Office paperOffice suppliesRecyclePaper folders sheets
Office suppliesOffice suppliesCampus free storebinder, binders, pens, clips, paper, folders, folder, coil, tacks, paperclips, pencil, eraser, scissors
Paper towels/tissueOrganicsCompostpaper towel, paper tissue, tissue paper, kleenex, tissue, soiled paper towel, soiled tissue, soiled kleenex,facial tissue
Plastic bagsPlasticsRecyclet-shirt bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, retail bags
Plastic containers #1PlasticsRecycleplastic bottle, water bottle, pop bottle, PET, polyethylene terephthalate
Plastic containers #2PlasticsRecyclemilk jugs, detergent bottles, oil bottles, HDPE, high-density polyethylene, yogurt tub
Plastic containers #4PlasticsRecycleLDPE, low density polyethylene, squeeze bottles, ketchup bottle, mustard bottle, honey bottles
Plastic containers #5PlasticsRecyclePP, Polypropylene, yogurt tub, tupperware, plastic take-out container
Pop bottleBeverage containersRecycle
Smoothie cup (SUB)OrganicsCompostsmoothie cup, compostable cup, compostable takeaway cup
Soft plastics PlasticsRecycleplastic bags, ziploc bags, shrinkwrap, overwrap, ziploc
stir stickOrganicsCompostwood, stir, wooden,
Storage cabinetsFurnitureRecycle
Straws PlasticsLandfill
Styrofoam PlasticsRecyclepolystyrene, styrofoam blocks, styrofoam takeout container, styrofoam tray
Tables FurnitureRecycletable
Take out containers (foil)MetalRecycleFoil containers, aluminum take out container, aluminum container
Telephones (corded and cordless)ElectronicsRecycleTelephones, cordless phones, phones, landlines
Tin cans MetalRecyclesoup cans, cans
Toaster ovensAppliancesRecycle
tonerElectronicsRecycletoner cartridge, toner, tonner, printer cartridge, printer
Transparencies PlasticsRecycle
VHS tapeElectronicsRecycleTapes, Tape, Video, Cassette, Electronic
Video cameras ElectronicsRecyclecamcorders
Water bottle Beverage containersRecycle