Rainbow crosswalk at UVic
Cycling and colour!

UVic is a bike friendly campus

The university offers an abundance of amenities for cyclists: convenient and a variety of bike parking spots, lots of showers and change rooms, lockers, route maps, safety brochures, bike maintenance and repair skills workshop info, links to local advocacy groups, bike loans and rental, and hosting cycling and safety campaigns.

U-Bicycle Bike Sharing Has Launched! 

Staff and Faculty get 3 months of unlimited FREE rides for the summer. Download the U-Bicycle staff and faculty coupon code here. 

UVic and U-Bicycle have collaborated to bring bike sharing to campus. The pilot program will bring a new accessible, affordable, and sustainable transportation to campus.

As a rider, all you have to do is download the u-bicycle app, pick up your bike from the designated dropzone, and enjoy the bike ride. If you're ending your ride on campus, park in one of the six designated dropzones across campus. Click here for more information on registration and pricing. 

Campus Cycling Plan

The university has developed its first Campus Cycling Plan, and is committed to a campus where everyone can safely ride their bikes and walk no matter where they are headed.

This plan will guide future campus cycling infrastructure, including bicycle parking, cycling paths and end-of-trip facilities.

More info on our Campus Cycling Plan website.

Campus Bike Centre

The Campus Bike Centre (CBC) is the HUB for all things cycling on campus. Keep your bike warm and dry, rent lockers (bike and gear), use the bike kitchen (self-service fix-it station) and check out SPOKES bike loan program headquarters.

The entrance to is at ground level (facing BEC) of the University Centre (UVC) and is open 24/7. The space is brightly lit and video recorded.

Amenities at the CBC

Ready to use:

  • 236 indoor bike parking spots
  • Bike racks (horizontal and vertical)
  • Bike lockers
  • Gear lockers
  • Benches
  • Self-service bike kitchen (fix-it zone)
  • Hand bike pump (air)
  • Electric bike charger (near the horizontal bike racks)
  • Murals (student designed and very cool)
  • Notice board for campus cycling activities, items of interest, and events

SPOKES bicycle program

SPOKES is a unique bicycle upcycling and loan program where volunteers give new life to and use of old bikes. Since 2003, SPOKES has been innovatively diverting waste, improving community health and taking action on climate change.


  • Bike loans
  • Bike rentals
  • Bike sales
  • Gear and helmet sales
  • Bike repair assistance
  • Returns
  • Bike donations

Visit the SPOKES website for more information, hours of operation, and volunteering opportunities.

Once you're here

In all, UVic boasts over 4,000 bike parking spots at our Gordon Head campus!

Indoor bike parking is located in the Campus Bike Centre (under the UVC) and at the Bike Parkade (corner of McKenzie & Gabriola near CARSA) - both are open 24 hours per day, brightly lit and video recorded.

There are also many covered and sheltered spots around the academic and administrative buildings. Students living on campus have access to student housing bike storage rooms as well. 

Need to fix your bike? There is a self-service bike kitchen and hand air pump in the Campus Bike Centre. 

UVic cycling amenities map

Showers and change rooms

Showers and change rooms are located in the following buildings and facilties:

  • Centre for Athletics, Recreation, and Special Abilities (CARSA)
  • McKinnon Gym (MCK)
  • Craigdarroch Office Building (CRA)
  • Continuing Studies Building (CST)
  • David Turpin Building (DTB) 
  • Engineering/Computer Science Building (ECS)
  • First Peoples House (FPH)
  • Medical Sciences Building (MSB)
  • Technology Enterprise Facility (TEF)
  • Facilities Management Service Building - staff only
  • Michael Williams Building (MWB) - staff only

Bike storage lockers

There are nearly 150 bicycle lockers at UVic, including in the Campus Bike Centre (indoor) and across campus (outdoor). Bike lockers are available for students, faculty and staff who are living off campus.

Rental costs:

  • $40 per semester OR $120 per year
  • $50 key deposit
  • Room to store your bike and gear

To rent a bike locker, visit Campus Security or contact 

Campus bike locker map

Note: Residence Services arents lockers to people living in Student Housing. Contact for more info.

Clothing and gear (equipment) lockers

Indoor clothing and gear lockers are large enough to hold bike bags, helmets, clothing, books, etc. and are located in many academic buildings, the Campus Bike Centre, and at our two campus recreational facilities.

Non-athletics and recreation buildings

Rental costs:

  • $10 per semester OR $30 per year
  • $10 lock deposit

Lockers are in buildings:

  • Clearihue (CLE)
  • Cornett (COR)
  • David Turpin Building (DTB)
  • Engineering Computer Science (ECS)
  • Elliot (ELL)
  • Hickman (HBB)
  • Human & Social Development (HSD)
  • MacLaurin (MAC)
  • Petch (PCH)
  • Campus Bike Centre, University Centre (UVC)

To rent an equipment locker, visit Campus Security or contact 

Athletics and recreation buildings

Lockers at the gyms are rented through Athletics and Recreation for $40 per semester. Visit the front desk at either buildings to rent a locker: 

  • Centre for Athletics Recreation & Special Abilities (CARSA)
  • McKinnon gym and pool (MKN)

Electric bike charging locations

There are four free designated electric bike charging stations on campus. All stations are on a first come first serve basis.

Look for the small green sign:

electric bike sign green

Inside location:

  • Campus Bike Centre (near the vertical rack stands)

Outside locations:

  • David Strong Building (DSB)
  • Human and Social Development Building (HSD)
  • Visual Arts Building (VIA)

Get geared up to cycle!

Take good care of your bicycle by making sure you have a U-lock (instead of a cable lock). Remember to get your bike engraved and registered in case it is lost or stolen. This free service is available at Campus Security.

Bike sharing

Bike share systems at UVic:

  • Volunteer-managed, and low-cost - SPOKES program (in the CBC)
  • U-Bicycle has officially launched accessible, affordable and sustainable bike sharing on campus - registration and pricing at: U-Bicycle 

Bike locks

Lock loan program

Forgot your bike lock? No worries! Visit the Loans Desk at either the McPherson Library or the Fraser Law Library and they will loan you a lock (free of charge!) for three days. Borrow a bike lock the same as you borrow a book.

Buy a lock

New locks for sale at SubText in the SUB building and at the UVic Bookstore. Sometimes you can buy at lock at SPOKES in the CBC.

Tip! Use a U-lock instead of a cable lock - protect your bike from thieves. 

Bike engraving

To help in finding your bike if it's stolen or lost, have your bike engraved and registered at Campus Security. This service is free of charge. Your bike will be identified with your Driver's License number or your UVic student/employee number. Campus Security will then register your information in their secure computer system.

Bring your bike and ID to Campus Security - it only takes minutes!

More info or contact Personal Safety Coordinator .

Plan your route

Many bike paths and lanes lead to UVic. Check out suggested routes on CRD's community route map. An updated map is scheduled to be released by CRD soon.

Bring your bike on the bus

In Victoria, over 95% of the transit fleet has bicycle racks on board, so it is easy to make cycling a part of your regular commute. There are 3 basic steps involved in putting your bike on the rack. Check out this instructional video from BC Transit on how to load your bike.

The next time you are at the bus loop on campus, try out the racks on a parked bus.

Get involved

UVic supports many cycling activities and campaigns such as Bike to Work Week, Don't Smash Your Pumpkin, Lighten Up! and #sharethespace ... to name a few. Want to participate? Visit our Campaigns page on how to get involved. Mingle with fellow cyclists and bike pros at local shops.

Cycling advocacy groups 

Bike shops closest to UVic