Campus Cycling Plan Implementation

Person biking on new separated pedestrian/bike pathway at UVic

The University of Victoria is making several changes to create a bicycle-friendly campus that is designed for people of All Ages and Abilities (AAA). The Campus Cycling Plan guides future campus cycling infrastructure, such as building more bike paths, places to park bikes, and spots where people can freshen up after riding. These changes are meant to make it safer and more comfortable for people who walk and bike around our campus. 

If you’re curious to know more about the Campus Cycling Plan and how it was made, you can find more information on the Campus Cycling Plan webpage.  

Key strategies

Over ten years, the Plan sets out how we will make biking and walking better on campus, based on four key strategies: 

  • Prioritizing active transportation planning: A Transportation Priorities Hierarchy was created to serve as the main guide for the Campus Cycling Plan. It is used as a decision-making tool to determine which tools and strategies should be used to support different ways of moving around campus – and balancing the needs and safety of pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicles. 

  • Sharing Space and being safe: Through education and awareness, speed management, and signage, signals and lighting, campus users are encouraged to treat each other well and be careful when moving around, especially inside the Ring Road area.  

  • Creating a better bike network: Improving our cycling network so that people feel safe and comfortable when they ride to and from the campus. It will connect different paths together and give spaces for people who walk, bike, skate, or even ride things like skateboards and scooters.  
    The goal is to make more people choose biking, where at least 10% of all people use bikes to move around.
  • Bike parking, places to freshen up, and sharing bikes: Ensuring that new and existing buildings have amenities to make bike trips better. Where possible, buildings will be required to have showers and change rooms, as well as sufficient bicycle parking.  


Cycling network improvement areas

Developing an All Ages and Abilities (AAA) Cycling Network on campus will improve safety, enhance cycling facilities, enhance route connections and provide separated travel spaces for pedestrians, cyclists (as well as other human-powered modes such as skateboarding) and vehicles. 

Seven locations were identified for pathway improvements by the campus community during the engagement phase of developing the Campus Cycling Plan.  

Cycling network improvement areas

These represent important links in the AAA network that will promote connectivity and improved transitions across existing cycling infrastructure and facilities: 

  1. Ring Road
  2. University Drive
  3. McGill Road
  4. University Drive Connection Pathway
  5. Midgard Avenue Connection Pathway
  6. Gabriola Pathway and Closure
  7. Dawnview Crescent CARSA Pathway 

What's currently in progress

Cycling network improvements taking place 2023-2026 will include: 

  • Dawnview Crescent-CARSA Pathway 
  • Gabriola Road Pathway 
  • McGill Road Pathway Improvements 

The implementation of these improvements is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Active Transportation Fund. 


Progress to date


University Drive Connection Pathway  (2021)

  • Separated cycling and pedestrian pathways  
  • Intersection crossing improvements  
  • Bicycle and pedestrian pathway counters  
  • New lighting  

Midgard Ave Connection Pathway  (2022)

  • Weaving paving pattern inspired by the metaphor of weaving cedar in UVic’s Indigenous Plan  
  • New pedestrian and cyclist separated pathways to ensure safety and comfort   
  • Banners  
  • Benches  
  • Upgraded lighting  
  • Wayfinding   
  • Interpretive signage   
  • Support for learning opportunities  

Ring Road Network Improvement (Engineering Pathway)  

Partially completed – remaining will be developed as part of the Engineering and Computer Sciences Expansion Project 2025/2026  


Dawnview Crescent-CARSA Pathway (2024/2025)

  • Separated cycling and pedestrian pathways  
  • Intersection crossing improvements 
  • Greenery & landscaping  

Gabriola Road Pathway  (2024/2025)

  • Separated cycling and pedestrian pathways  
  • Intersection crossing improvements  

McGill Road Pathway Improvements  (2025/2026)

  • Separated cycling and pedestrian pathways  
  • Intersection crossing improvements 
  • Upgraded lighting  
  • Bike racks and lockers 
  • Washrooms/changerooms  
  • Greenery & landscaping 


Ring Road Network Improvement (McGill Road to SUB)  

  • TBD - long term

University Drive Network Improvements  

  • TBD - long term

Other Project Updates

End-of-trip facilities: 

  • Ocean-Climate building (Queenswood) bike racks and shelters 
  • Centennial Stadium bike racks and shelters 
  • Student Health and Wellness end-of-trip facilities (changeroom and shower) 
  • New bike racks outside of the CARSA and McKinnon buildings along Gabriola Rd

Shared space and safety:

  • CARSA Pathway "Slow Zone" signage and wayfinding
  • Central Campus "Slow Zone" at University Drive 

For inquiries, please contact Mike Wilson, Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability at or 250-472-5433