Campus Greenway Implementation

west campus greenway plan view
Campus Greenway pathway design and crossing improvements at West Campus Way. Image credit: ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

Campus Plan's 'Big Moves' 

The vision for the Greenway was established as a “Big Move” in the 2016 Campus Plan and represents a unique opportunity to address the Strategic Framework priority of increasing the vibrancy of campus life by enhancing the natural and built environment to create more opportunities for interaction and collaboration. The plan addresses the following priorities:  

  • Reinforce the Quad as the heart of the campus;
  • Link east and west ends of campus physically and visually, through a long view corridor;
  • Strengthen this connection as an open space and destination unto itself; and
  • Protect mature trees and enhance the formal landscaping structure.

The UVic Campus Greenway is planned to be the primary east-west Greenway across the campus. Once completed the Campus Greenway will create vibrant hubs connecting buildings and public spaces on campus and will act as the primary multi-modal pathway between Gordon Head Road and Sinclair Road.

The 1.1 km long Greenway will act as both an active transportation connection and a destination unto itself.  The Greenway will increase the vibrancy of campus life by enhancing the natural and built environment to create more opportunities for interaction and collaboration. The Greenway will contribute to the identity of the campus and aim to foster respect with Indigenous communities by contributing to a welcoming, inclusive campus environment for all.


The Campus Greenway Landscape Plan and Design Guidelines establish guiding principles, big ideas and design guidelines that will serve to support and coordinate the implementation of landscape and public realm improvements along the length of the Greenway. To learn more visit the Campus Greenway webpage. 

Improvements are expected to be phased and implemented over ten or more years as funding becomes available. Project progress and future opportunities for community engagement will be posted via this website. 

What's happening? 

Check here to see major project updates, construction notices, and what to expect when on campus in terms of implementing the Campus Greenway.

Campus Greenway art 2022

New light post banners and light projection designs will be installed on the Campus Greenway. We are very excited to share the story of this art on a new website, coming soon!

West Campus Greenway Landscaping and site furnishings 2022

Landscaping and site furnishings will be completed on the western most segment of the Campus Greenway from Gordon Head Road and Midgard to Ring Road near Fine Arts. 

Anticipated completion: Summer 2022

West campus greenway gif 3
Progress on the West Campus Greenway. Credit: Adam Gerber.

Student Housing and Dining 2022

The Campus Greenway intersects the site for the Student Housing and Dining project. Designs are being coordinated along the Campus Greenway and will be implemented as part of the landscaping in front of the Student Housing and Dining project.  
For further information contact Mike Wilson, Director – Campus Planning and Sustainability at 250-472-5433 or