The sustainability office runs several annual campaigns, if you have a suggestion for a campaign or would like to get involved please contact us at

Purchasing and food campaigns 

Fairtrade Campus Week

Fairtrade Campus Week is an opportunity for all Canadian Campuses and friends to celebrate Fairtrade and learn about Fairtrade certified products. Students, volunteers, administration and food service staff come together and plan all sorts of activities and initiatives to raise awareness about the positive impact of Fairtrade.

When? October 28th - November 1st


Sustainability Week

During Sustainability Week, cross campus initiatives take place in order to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness at UVic.

When? During the month of October or TBA - stay tuned.

Transportation campaigns 

Commuter survey

We want to know how you get to campus. The short survey takes 10-seconds to complete and will help shape our active transportation goals. 

Click here to take our survey 

When? This is an ongoing survey. 

Bike to Work Week

For Bike to Work Week, UVic joins Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society to host a series of events to celebrate cycling as a safe, healthy, fun and convenient way to get to work or school. It is an excellent excuse to enjoy good exercise and fresh air, and sample the benefits of commuting by bike. 

Bike to Work (or Campus) Day at UVic is to encourage and support riders to continue riding throughout the fall and winter months. Look for Celebration Stations on campus where riders can hang out, have a coffee and treat, and mingle amongst new and seasoned all-weather cyclists.

When? October 21st - 27th See Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society for more info.

Don't Smash Your Pumpkin

We want you to be safe out there on your bike – so much so that if you buy a helmet or lights at SUBtext, you will get a 25% discount! Protect your brain and be seen.

When? The month of November. 

Lighten Up

The end of Daylight Savings Time can sneak up on us, each year on the Monday after the clocks “fall back”, we give out free bike lights to cyclists who are riding without lights. At the end of the school day we’ll be out on campus to help you Lighten Up!

When? Monday November 4th 2019 | 4:30 until we run out of lights 


To help make sure UVic stays both pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, please #sharethespace!

"Shared Space and Safety" is Strategy 2 of the Campus Cycling Plan. In the shared space model, the pedestrian is considered the primary path user and has the right of way at all times. In the future, UVic will establish designated slow zones within Ring Road to keep both pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Tips for Cyclists:

  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Slow down
  • Leave room when passing 
  • Use a bike bell
  • Use hand signals
  • Dismount in congested areas

When? This is an ongoing campaign #sharethespace year round!

Waste reduction campaigns 

Dump and Run

UVic's Dump & Run project is a collaborative effort between Residence Services, the Staff Sustainability Network, UVSS Free Store and UVic Sustainability Project. The volunteer initiative diverts unwanted items from the landfill by providing each residence with a collection table for students to leave their items on during residence move out. 

Accepted items include electronics, bedding/linens/towels, clothing and accessories, school supplies, cleaning products, kitchenware, mini-fridges, electronics, decorations, furniture, and non-perishable food items. All items will be donated to the UVSS Free Store and local charities. 

When? drop-off tables will be available in each residence during the move out period.

Love-A-Mug Week

During UVic's Love-A-Mug week, we encourage you to reduce waste and break up with your paper cup and love your mug. Watch for the UVic Green Team and Muggo, if they see you carrying a reusable mug they will give you a coupon for a free coffee or tea

When? In October and February. TBD for the winter semester Love-A-Mug Week 

Energy campaigns 

Holiday shutdown

Did you know that office electronics continue to draw energy even when they are turned off, yet still plugged in? This is known as standby power and when added together this could account for approximately 10% of the university’s energy consumption!  

You can help reduce your department’s standby power by participating in the 2019 Holiday Device Shutdown!

All you have to do is create a meeting reminder in your calendar at the end of your last day before holidays and add this link:

This is a link to a two-minute survey that will act as a checklist that will help prep you and your area for an energy-efficient break.

When? December 24 - January 2 (or when you leave for holiday)