This holiday, participate in the Holiday Shutdown to give your electronics a break. Visit the Holiday Shutdown page to learn how you can participate for your chance to win one of three prizes!

The sustainability office runs several annual campaigns, if you have a suggestion for a campaign or would like to get involved please contact us at

Purchasing and food campaigns 

Fairtrade Campus Week

Fairtrade Campus Week which is an opportunity to celebrate, educate, and promote the Fairtrade movement and Fairtrade certified products on Campuses across Canada! We partner with students, volunteers, food services and local Fairtrade producers to plan activities and projects to raise awareness on the topic. 

Did you know that UVic is designated as a Fair Trade Campus? As a consumer, you can have a positive impact on the environment by choosing to buy ethical products that are fairtrade but also by choosing to buy plant-based foods that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.


Transportation campaigns 

Go By Bike Week / Bike to Work Week

For Go By Bike Week (previously Bike to Work Week), UVic joins Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society to host a series of events to celebrate cycling as a safe, healthy, fun and convenient way to get around the city. It is an excellent excuse to enjoy good exercise and fresh air, and sample the benefits of commuting by bike. 

When: September 27 - October 3

How to register: 

  • Visit the GoByBike website to sign up and register for the event. Once you've got your team registered, email the team name to  so we can track our progress collectively as a university!
  • By registering, you will be entered to win prizes from both UVic and Go By Bike Week!

UVic Celebration Station: 

  • Tuesday September 28, 7 - 9 am at the Petch Fountain. 
  • Drop by to celebrate cycling, grab a snack and coffee, and get prepped for winter cycling by entering our table raffle prize draw. 
  • There will be celebration stations set up around the city for you to visit, each with COVID-19 measures in place. 


  • Daily draws for team bag prizes (not including Thursday, September 30th)
  • Newbie biking prize for a new participant - newbie name draw on Friday, Oct 1. 
  • Celebration Station Raffle Prize Draw - Tuesday, September 28th 

Celebration Stations (masks are mandatory)

Celebration Stations are great spots to visit to collect some swag and meet some of the GBBW sponsors! Here’s a full list of Stations throughout the week: 

  • Monday, Sept. 28, 7-9am: The Galloping Goose at Tillicum 
  • Monday, Sept. 28 , 3:30-6pm: 950 Reunion Ave at Galloping Goose Trail 
  • Tuesday, Sept. 29, 7-9am: Lochside Trail at Blenkinsop Connector 
  • Tuesday, Sept. 29, 3:30-6pm: Archie Browning Centre in Esquimalt 
  • Wednesday, Sept. 30, 8-9:30am: Cook Street Village 
  • Wednesday, Sept. 30, 3:30-6pm: Saanich Municipal Hall 
  • Thursday, Oct. 1, 7-9am: Janion Plaza 
  • Thursday, Oct. 1, 3:30-6pm: Phillips Brewing  
  • Friday, Oct. 2, 7-9am: Oak Bay Municipal Hall 
  • Saturday, Oct. 3, 11am-1pm: Prospect Lake Community Hall 
  • Sunday, Oct. 4, 9-11am: Selkirk South 
  • Sunday, Oct. 4, 1-3pm: Switch Bridge 

Neighborhood Rides

This year, Go By Bike Week is highlighting some of their most popular Neighbourhood Rides from the past few months, as well as debuting some new ones created for Go By Bike Week by the community! Neighbourhood rides include: 

  • “scavenger hunts” 
  • “discovery rides” 
  • “ride the distance” rides  

Get your team “together” (socially distanced) and plan a couple of these to do throughout the week! 

Don't Smash Your Pumpkin

We want you to be safe out there on your bike – so much so that if you buy a helmet or lights at SUBtext, you will get a 25% discount! Protect your brain and be seen.

When? Fall semester

Lighten Up

The end of Daylight Savings Time can sneak up on us, each year on the Monday after the clocks “fall back”, we give out free bike lights to cyclists who are riding without lights. At the end of the school day we’ll be out on campus to help you Lighten Up!

When? Fall Semester


To help make sure UVic stays both pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, please #sharethespace!

"Shared Space and Safety" is Strategy 2 of the Campus Cycling Plan. In the shared space model, the pedestrian is considered the primary path user and has the right of way at all times. In the future, UVic will establish designated slow zones within Ring Road to keep both pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Tips for Cyclists:

  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Slow down
  • Leave room when passing 
  • Use a bike bell
  • Use hand signals
  • Dismount in congested areas

When? This is an ongoing campaign, #sharethespace year round!

Waste reduction campaigns 

Love-A-Mug Week

During UVic's Love-A-Mug week, we encourage you to reduce waste and break up with your paper cup and love your mug. Watch for the UVic Green Team and Muggo, if they see you carrying a reusable mug they will give you a coupon for a free coffee or tea

When? Check back for the Spring 2022 dates. 

Energy campaigns 

Green labs

The Green Labs program is run in partnership with the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, and Facilities Management departments. The program runs energy reduction, chemical substitution, lab glassware recycling, and Mercury thermometer replacement projects. 

See the OHS website for more details. 

When? Ongoing, contact our office to get involved! 

Holiday shutdown

Did you know that office electronics continue to draw energy even when they are turned off, yet still plugged in? This is known as standby power and when added together this could account for approximately 10% of the university’s energy consumption!  

You can help reduce your department’s standby power by participating in the Holiday Device Shutdown! 

When? December 25 - January 2 (or when you leave for holiday) 

How? Download the Holiday Shutdown checklist!