Campus Sustainability Fund

sustainability fund
The campus community's new opportunity to collaborate for sustainability.

UVic is piloting a new tool to accelerate the number of sustainability projects on campus. Building on the success of the Revolving Sustainability Loan Fund (RSLF) the Campus Sustainability Fund empowers members of the university community to create stakeholder-driven projects that further the Sustainability Action Plan and advance leadership in sustainability, whether they provide a direct financial payback, or not.

The Fund provides one-time allocations to projects that focus on energy or water savings, sustainability awareness or learning opportunity. It will provide seed money for a project or money for a continuing project for incremental changes.

Deadline for applications is October 15th!



We are looking to fund ideas that cover a broad range of projects authored by engaged students, faculty, and staff that help create a more sustainable campus.

Does your project idea fit? Contact our office.

Approved Projects

We have approved 19 projects, which are either in progress or have been completed.



Formal applications will be accepted only after prior contact with our office. Applications will fall into two categories:

Energy and Water Projects


Energy and water project previously fell under the Revolving Sustainabilty Loan Fund. Information about that fund can be found here including:

  • Funded projects
  • Size of the Revolving Fund