Shut the Sash


Saving energy, one sash at a time.

Shut the Sash Campaign

The UVic Shut the Sash Campaign, led by the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability, aimed to raise awareness about energy conservation in our campus laboratories. Fume hoods in science buildings are significant energy consumers, and closing the sash is a simple yet impactful action to reduce wasted energy.  

UVic's Shut the Sash Campaign outcomes (April 2024):

Raising Awareness to Change Behavior: The campaign focused on increasing awareness about energy-saving practices. Before the campaign, 85% of participants were unfamiliar with "shut the sash." However, after the campaign, 95% understood why this practice is important.

Creating Lasting Changes: The campaign's impact will continue in the future. By teaching students about energy efficiency and changing their habits, UVic's campaign will lead to saving energy in labs. This emphasizes the importance of ongoing education and campaigns to make lasting changes for a more energy-conscious campus.

What You Can Do

Do you have a fume hood in your lab space? Here's how you can help:

  • Finished with your experiment?
  • Stepping away for a break?
  • Heading out for the day?
Shut the Sash!

Did You Know?
An open fume hood uses as much energy as powering 3.5 homes! It's not the hood itself but the air being pulled through it. By closing the sash, you contribute to significant energy savings. 

Brush up on your knowledge!
Review the Fume Hood Use Guidlines for safe practices and debunk Common Fume Hood Myths

How does shutting the sash save energy?

Newer fume hoods have variable air volume (VAV), where the sash height controls vented air volume.

Lowering the sash reduces the amount of conditioned air exhausted, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Best Practices:

  • The sash is a safety barrier, so open it only when setting up or modifying an experiment
  • Never use a fume hood for chemical storage – use safety cabinets instead
  • If your group is no longer using a fume hood, consider decommissioning it to stop unnecessary airflow

Together, let's make a sustainable impact in UVic labs!