Committing to sustainability

In it together
UVic's committment to sustainability is cross institutional.

Commitments in the Sustainability Action Plan

For many years, UVic has demonstrated leadership in the field of sustainability. Interdisciplinary research, green campus operations, experiential learning opportunities and innovative community partnerships have led to the establishment of policies and guidelines conveying the universities commitment to sustainability.

One such policy is the Sustainability Action Plan, which outlines the university’s goals, strategies, and actions in response to reducing environmental impacts on, as well as beyond, the campus parameters. The plan considers two guiding strategies: first, to move towards a more encompassing approach, and second, to meet the highest standards of sustainability. The plan sets strategies and goals for the short-term period of 2020-2021 while the university undergoes the development of its first Climate and Sustainability Action Plan.

Learn more about the goals below: 


Mission: To create a campus culture that provides for sustainability to be integrated into operational, administrative and planning processes, and advanced through collaboration and coordinated decision-making across the university.

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Mission: To construct, renovate, maintain and operate campus buildings to green building standards and practices. 

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Mission: To deliver computing services and infrastructure that meets the teaching, research and administrative needs of the campus community, while advancing the sustainability goals of responsible procurement, energy management and waste reduction. 

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Dining services

Mission: To be an institutional model of sustainability, leading the way through innovative local purchasing initiatives and operational sustainable practices that minimize our carbon footprint and provide high quality, ethically sourced, nutritiousand diverse food options that sustain the health and well-being of our community.

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Mission: To maintain a campus that fosters an energy conservation culture that utilizes innovative technologies and promotes occupant engagement to continually improve building performance, as well as providing a comfortable learning and work environment.

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Mission: To provide opportunities for students, staff, faculty and community members to learn, share knowledge and collaborate through coordinated programs of engagement, events, training, education and celebration.

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Mission: To create and maintain a campus landscape that minimizes environmental impacts, enhances biodiversity and maintains aesthetic values. 

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Mission: To provide purchasing and supply management services to the campus community that achieve best value and apply triple bottom line principles to procurement initiatives, incorporating financial, social and environmental considerations to supply management decisions. 

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Mission: To offer sustainable travel options for every campus community member and visitors, and to act as a hub in a regional sustainable transportation network.

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Mission: To provide services and infrastructure that advance the university as a Zero Waste campus.

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Mission: To be an innovator in water use reduction, recovery, reuse and stewardship practices.

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