Dining and food

Students served plates of food in the Cadboro Commons
Good food, good times!

Sustainable food practices

UVic is recognized as a leader in the area of sustainable food purchasing by supporting local farmers and food producers. We serve healthy meals that are prepared onsite by our own chefs and on a daily basis. It may cost more, but it is worth it.

University Food Services is committed to sustainable practices, such as ethical sourcing, green eating, and composting and recycling.

Supporting local

UVic makes great efforts to support local farmers and food producers. Here are some facts we are really proud of:

  • 100% of our breads, muffins, buns, cakes and other baked goods come from local bakeries
  • 30 to 40% of our produce is purchased from Vancouver Island local farms
  • 100% of our poultry comes from Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland
  • 100% of eggs purchased are "cage-free"
  • Pizza is either made fresh daily at our Mystic Market or from a local pizzeria that makes efforts to use local ingredients
  • 100% of salmon is BC-wild caught, not farmed

UVic is active in efforts to support local farmers and food security on Vancouver Island. Purchasing Services buys directly from local farms, ensuring that the farmers got a fair price and the university could be guaranteed a reliable supply of produce to satisfy our healthy appetites.

Buying organic and Fairtrade

UVic is one of Canada's original campuses to serve entirely organic and Fairtrade certified coffee in all of our cafes and dining outlets. We also serve a selection of organic and Fairtrade teas and chocolate. Check out our various cafes, such as:

UVic is the first institution in Canada to serve "Beyond Fair Trade" Doi Chaang Coffee from Thailand. Find out more about Fairtrade products on campus.

Offering vegetarian and vegan options

UVic provides extensive vegetarian and vegan meals. Our Village Greens cafe offer all-veggie options, while all dining outlets on campus provide some vegetarian and vegan options. Choices include salads, soups, stir-frys, veggie burgers, poutine and sushi.

Visit the community garden

The Campus Community Garden is a UVSS consitutency group that manages the urban agriculture space on campus, with practical support from Facilities Management and the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability.