Women working on lap top in a field of green grass
The future calls for green ideas.

Computing services and infrastructure are an essential component of meeting UVic's teaching, research, and administrative needs. We are committed to reducing computing devices’ impact on the environment through the implementation of an organization-wide management policy that uses industry best practices, and continuing to update policies as necessary to achieve green computing goals.

Our 2020-2021 Sustainability Action Plan goal is: 

  • Goal 1: Ensure that green manufacturing standards and energy-saving criteria are applied to all computing services purchasing decisions.

Learn more about our green computing practices below. 


UVic's University Systems purchases computers which help the university realize the maximum benefits of reduced energy bills, and lower carbon emissions through: 

  • Purchasing hardware configurations that consume less power.
  • Implementing an organization-wide power management policy that utilizes industry-best practices and enforcing their use throughout.
  • Modifying these policies as necessary based on individual business needs, measuring the savings, and reporting the results back to management.


UVic recycles cell phones, electronics, electronic storage media, lighting, and toner. 

Visit our electronics & cell phone recycling page to understand how and where to recycling these products.