Fairtrade and UVic

UVic students support Fairtrade!
Students support a fair deal!

UVic supports fair trade purchasing in several ways. We stock Fairtrade products in all our food outlets across campus, including the Student Union Building (SUB), Grad House (under renovation) and Finnerty Express cafe / Bookstore. UVic also has student run clubs for you to get involved in, and offers academic courses that focus on food systems and sustainability. There is also a fair trade steering committee.

Fairtrade products on campus

UVic offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, chocolate and other goodies sourced from multiple companies that supply Fairtrade certified products. Check out the lists below to see what your favourite outlets are offering through UVic Food Services, the SUB, Grad House Restaurant and Finnerty Express:



  • Numi Tea - General Store, Boardwalk Cafe, Biblio Cafe, Mac's, Half Time, SciCafe, Nibbles & Bytes, Court Cafe, Arts Place, Villiage Market, Village Greens, Cap's Bistro, Cadboro Commons upper servery, Bean There, Munchie Bar, Felicitas
  • Runa Guayusa Bottled Tea - Finnerty Express


  • Camino - Pharmacy (in SUB), SubText
  • Cadbury Dairymilk - General Store, Biblio Cafe, Mac's, Half Time, SciCafe, Nibbles & Bytes, Court Cafe, Arts Place, Village Market, Finnerty Express, Munchie Bar
  • Endangered Species - SubText
  • Alter Eco - SubText
  • Theo - SubText
  • Denman Island - Finnerty Express, Pharmacy (in SUB) - made with Fair Trade chocolate ingredients
  • Vending machines - coming soon to a machine near you!

Ice cream

Other delightful goodies

  • Jewlery, hats, scarves, handbags, change purses, world folk art (stock changes often) - SubText

Get involved!

If you want to get more involved in the Fairtrade movement, let UVic show you how! There are many club and courses on campus that have a central theme of sustainability and food ethics. Beyond UVic, volunteering at local organizations in the community is one of the most enriching ways to learn.

Clubs at UVic

More Sustainability Clubs and Courses

Know any other sustainability clubs that are not listed on our website? Let us know at action@uvic.ca

Beyond UVic

Many Uvic students wish to get involved in local organizations that support Fairtrade, local purchasing of food and other goods, and the social justice movement. Here's a few susggestions:


Incorporate Fairtrade values into your degree. UVic offers many courses that focus on or are related to sustainability. Find out more in sustainability academics and research, including a complete course list. Here's a few suggestions:


  • SOCI 388 Society and Food
  • SOCI 419 Globalization and Sustainability

Environmental Studies

  • ES 200 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES 402 Global Issues in Sustainability


  • ANTH 302 Globalization, Health and the Environment
  • ANTH 401 Environmental Anthropology

Interdisciplinary Program

  • Human Dimensions of Climate Change (HDCC) courses

Fair trade steering committee

UVic has a Fair trade Steering Committee that focuses on increasing the availability and number of Fairtrade products on campus, and creating awareness and education opportunities regarding Fairtrade.

The committee comprises of representatives from Campus Planning and Sustainability, UVic Food Services, UVSS, GSS, Campus Services, and faculty. Of the membership, there is representation from the undergraduate and graduate student body.


For more information on "what is Fairtrade" and "how it works", see Fairtrade and You