Strategic Framework Impact Fund

The Strategic Framework Impact Fund supports innovative initiatives that accelerate the implementation of the framework and advance UVic's priorities and strategies. A total of $300,000 is available to be awarded annually. The call for submissions for the Strategic Framework Impact Fund 2021 competition has concluded. 

Eligibility to Apply

Individual UVic faculty and staff, and/or academic and administrative units, including research centres, and affiliated entities such as ONC, PICS, PCIC, VITP etc. are eligible to apply for funding.

Criteria for Initiatives

  • Initiatives must be directly related to implementing the priorities and strategies in the Strategic Framework 2018-2023 (50% weighting)
  • Initiatives must have a measurable benefit and impact to the university and/or the community, including demonstrated value for the investment (40% weighting)
  • Initiatives that involve collaboration across faculties and administrative units are encouraged (10% weighting)

Adjudication Committee

An Adjudication Committee of deans and senior administrators will make recommendations to the President about how the funds should be allocated. The final decision on funding allocation will be made by the President.

The Adjudication Committee membership will consist of:

  • One academic Associate Vice-President or Vice-Provost selected by Executive Council (Chair)
  • Two deans, selected by the Provost with a view to achieving a measure of academic diversity
  • One or two senior (non-academic) administrative staff member selected by Executive Council
  • Director of the Office of the President
  • Communications and Research Analyst, Office of the President (committee support)
  • The committee may seek expertise or add members as required

Membership of the committee will be reviewed annually by the Executive Council, and updated as required. The committee will be supported by the President's Office.

Impact Fund Adjudication Committee 2020-2021

Impact Fund Adjudication Committee 2019-2020

Impact Fund Adjudication Committee 2018-19


Funding information

  • There will be one funding round annually, starting in early 2019.
  • The funding round will be made up of two stages, notice of intent and full proposal.
  • Funding for a single proposal can range anywhere between $5000 to $100,000 over the length of the initiative. Initiatives can be up to three years in duration, but the total funding awarded to an initiative will be committed in the first year.
  • Initiatives that are not normally/readily funded through other internal or external sources are encouraged. The Strategic Framework Impact Fund is not intended to provide start-up funds for longer term projects, nor to substitute funds for already existing initiatives. Funded initiatives must be completed in their entirety within the proposed funding period, without expectation of ongoing funding for future years.

Notice of Intent

  • The President’s Office will issue a call for notices of intent (NOI).
  • The Adjudication Committee will meet to review the NOIs and make a recommendation to the President on which applicants should be invited to submit a full proposal.
  • NOIs are required to be signed-off by the Dean when the proposal is initiated by a faculty member or in an academic unit, or by a Vice-President when the proposal is initiated by a staff member or in an administrative unit.


Full Proposal

  • After approval of the successful NOIs by the President, the Adjudication Committee will contact applicants to invite them to submit a full proposal.
  • Full proposals are required to be signed-off by the Dean(s) when the proposal is initiated by a faculty member or in an academic unit(s), or by a Vice-President(s) when the proposal is initiated by a staff member or in an administrative unit(s), to indicate support for the initiative.
  • The committee will meet to review the proposals and determine whether they meet the criteria, and may request additional information from proponents.
  • The committee may consult with proponents who have been invited to submit a full proposal, if required, with respect to funding amounts and initiative outputs.
  • The committee will rank the proposals and prepare an assessment report on the shortlisted proposals with recommendations to the President on which initiatives to fund and how much funding they should receive.
  • In consultation with Executive Council, the President will decide on the successful initiatives and announce them to the university community.



  • Recipients of the funding will provide a final report to the President at the end of the funding term (1, 2 or 3 years), including outcomes from the initiative and a final budget reconciliation. The report will be in a format that can be published on the university website.
  • Recipients of the funding for a multi-year initiative will provide progress reports to the President after every 12 months from the time that funding is received.


The Strategic Framework Impact Fund is designed to support initiatives that will advance UVic's priorities and strategies. The fund is not intended to support initiatives normally funded through other internal or external mechanisms, including:

  • Proposals that would ordinarily be part of departmental-faculty-university academic work and priority setting, including for: curriculum development, new academic programs and additional classes/cohorts in existing programs.
  • Proposals for research initiatives that are eligible for funding through the granting agencies. The fund is not an alternative source for traditional research grants or for purchasing research infrastructure.
  • Proposals that are already funded or likely to be funded from other sources, e.g. Impact Funds cannot be substituted for existing funded initiatives.

Proposals that create continuing financial obligations or expectations of ongoing funding at the end of the funding period are not eligible for funds, unless there is a clear sustainability plan that does not draw on university resources. This includes submissions proposing new ongoing staff positions or the use of start-up funds for longer term projects that will require university funding.


Notice of Intent close 26 February 2021
Invitation to provide a full proposal Early April
Full proposal close 7 May 2021
Successful proposals announced Mid June

Questions: Contact Tamsin Kaneen on