We rent two different types of lockers; one for bicycle storage and one for bicycle equipment.  These are a great way to keep your possessions secure and dry and also help you avoid having to take them with you wherever you go. 

Equipment Lockers

These lockers are suitable for helmets, backpacks, books or jackets.  Equipment lockers are located inside most academic buildings.

Bicycle Storage Units

Ideal for regular bike commuters, bicycle storage units are located outdoors around campus, in close proximity to most academic buildings.  These lockers will fit most standard bikes and will keep them dry and secure.  Please note that these lockers are only available to staff and students who do not live in Residence.   Continuing long term rentals are permitted.


Equipment Lockers  - $ 10 per semester, $30 per year with a $10 lock deposit

Bicycle Storage Units - $40 per semester, $120 per year with a $50 key deposit

For more information on lockers, please come by Campus Security or contact us via email at 

Are you a new student in residence?  Please see Residence Services webpage for information about storage and bike lockers available to you here:

Please click here for a map of Locker locations