First Aid response

To report an emergency, dial 911 first and then contact CSEC at 250-721-7599

Contacting us

If you are in need of medical assistance, never hesitate to call our 24/7 contact line at 250-721-7599 (local 7599).We are ready to help and often just minutes away with lifesaving equipment.


Campus Security Officers are certified with the Worksafe BC-Occupational First Aid Level 2 and the Red Cross- Automated Defibrillator courses.

The Security Officer helping you or someone you know has excellent first aid training, many are also trained paramedics. We deal with a variety of calls on a weekly basis. From cuts and scrapes to cardiac arrests, we are prepared for the unique environment the campus offers us as providers of First Aid.


We are well equipped for any emergency. Our CSEC vehicles carry fully stocked first aid bags, oxygen equipment and a defibrillator.

Since April 1 2017, the Security Officers at Campus Security have been trained to admisister Naloxozone.  Naloxonzone is a medication used to block the effects of opiods, especially  overdose situations.

Emergency care follow-up

All emergency care is handed over to BC Ambulance or Fire department crews as they arrive on scene. 

Campus Security acts as a great resource to the Ambulance Services.  Campus Security and the Provincial Ambulance Service have 5 designated meeting locations on campus.  These 5 meeting locations offer greater efficency for guiding the ambulance to their emergency call.