Andrew Marton

Andrew Marton
Professor; Acting Chair till July 1, 2024
Pacific and Asian Studies
Office: CLE C225
Area of expertise

Urbanization & regional development in China & Asia; Contemporary Chinese society; Culture and creativity in China; Chinese Education


PhD, University of British Columbia

Research interests

  • Urbanization & regional development in China & Asia
  • Contemporary Chinese society
  • Culture and creativity in China
  • Chinese education


Dr. Andrew Marton specializes in contemporary Chinese studies. His research revolves around the study of patterns and processes of spatial economic transformation in China’s mega-urban regions, with a particular focus on the lower Yangzi delta. Other research interests in China include studies of administrative restructuring, hybrid spaces of production and consumption in the countryside, internationalization of education, and the emergence of new urban spaces for the visual arts and other creative industries in Shanghai, Beijing and Ningbo. Dr. Marton is also undertaking research examining the doctrine of the unequal treaties and China’s approach to international law.

Selected publications
China’s urban space: Development under market socialism 2007 McGee, T. G., Lin, G. C.S., Marton, A. M., Wang, M. Y. L. & Wu, J. P. (2007) China’s urban space: Development under market socialism. London and New York: Routledge.
China's Spatial Economic Development Marton, A. M. (2000) China’s spatial economic development: Restless landscapes in the lower Yangzi delta. London and New York: Routledge.

Selected articles and book chapters

  • A. M. Marton (2000) Rural industrialization in China’s lower Yangzi delta: Institutionalizing transactional networks. GeoJournal 49 (3), pp. 245-255. PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2002) Local geographies of globalisation: Rural agglomeration in the Chinese countryside. Asia Pacific viewpoint 43 (1), pp. 23-42. PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2006) The cultural politics of curricular reform in China: A case study of geographical education in Shanghai. Journal of contemporary China, 15 (47), pp. 233-254. PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2006) Spaces of globalisation: Institutional reforms and spatial economic development in the Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Habitat international, 30 (2), pp. 213-229 (with Wu, W.). PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2008) Globalisation, spatial reorganisation and the urban echo in China’s Yangzi delta. Economic geography 28 (6), pp. 999-1003, 1011 (in Chinese). PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2013) Northeast Asian economic cooperation and the Tumen River Area Development Project. In Hoare, J. E. (Ed.) Critical readings on North and South Korea – Volume Two. Leiden: Brill, pp. 439-466 (with McGee, T. G. & Paterson, D. G.). PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2014) Cities, towns and rural industrialization: Revisiting the Chinese development debate. Proceedings of the West East Institute – Humanities and social sciences 2014, pp.32-44. PDF
  • A. M. Marton (2017) Mega-urbanization in China: Rural-urban synthesis as a foundation for sustainability. The global studies journal 10 (2), pp. 1-19 (with McGee, T. G.). PDF

PAAS 151: Modern Chinese Culture (Outline)

PAAS 200: Introduction to Theories and Methods in Pacific and Asian Studies (Outline)

PAAS 351: Contemporary Chinese Society (Outline)

PAAS 451: Asian Mega-Cities and Urban Regions (Outline)

PAAS 520: Special Topics in Pacific Studies

PAAS 680: Directed Studies – Contemporary Chinese Development and Transformation