Find your edge in UVic's Department of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Why Pacific and Asian Studies at UVic?

In Asia, you’ll find approximately half the world’s population, thousands of years of history, and many nations, cultures, and religions.

Our courses explore everything from Asian cinema and literature, to globalisation and religion, while helping you develop meaningful, transferable, and valuable academic skills. We teach Mandarin, Japanese, and Indonesian, to give you vital opportunities to discover new ways of thinking about and expressing yourself.

With us, you can develop language skills, academic abilities, a global perspective, and cultural knowledge. You can even take your new skills into the real world by studying or working abroad through one of our exchange opportunities, field schools, or co-op experiences.

Find out what Pacific and Asian Studies can offer you:



We offer major, general and minor programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Certificates in Language and Cultural Proficiency (Chinese or Japanese) that can be added to any degree.

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Not a major but interested in taking some of our courses? They'll improve your cultural literacy, help you learn a new language, and provide new perspectives and experiences.

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Study abroad


Want to spend time learning in a foreign country while earning your UVic degree? Our international opportunities let students earn UVic credits for their time at foreign institutions.

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