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100-level courses at a glance

Course Course title
PAAS 100 Introduction to Pacific and Asian Studies (Description)                        
PAAS 101 Text, Manipulation, Propaganda (Description)
PAAS 103 War and Peace in Asia and the Pacific
PAAS 116 Beginner Chinese I: Part 1 (Description)
PAAS 117 Beginner Chinese I: Part 2 (Description)
PAAS 118 Intensive Beginner Modern Chinese I (formerly PAAS 110) (Description)
PAAS 120 Introduction to Indonesian I
PAAS 121 Introduction to Indonesian II
PAAS 128 Introduction to Korean I 
PAAS 129 Introduction to Korean II 
PAAS 138

Intensive Beginner Japanese I (formerly PAAS 130) (Description)

PAAS 150 Premodern Chinese Culture
PAAS 151 Modern Chinese Culture  (Description)
PAAS 152

Essentials of Chinese Civilisation (in Chinese) (Description)

PAAS 153 Chinese Food Culture
PAAS 170 Premodern Southeast Asian Cultures
PAAS 171 Modern Southeast Asian Cultures
PAAS 180 Premodern Japanese Culture (Description)
PAAS 181 Modern Japanese Culture (Description)

200-level courses at a glance

Course number Course title
PAAS 202  

Topics in Asian Cinema 

PAAS 204/RS 200B 

Introduction to Asian Religions (Description)

PAAS 206

Comics and Graphic Novels in Asia and the Pacific (Description)

PAAS 207 Ghosts and Spirits (Description)
PAAS 208 Family and Gender in the Pacific (Description)
PAAS 209

Introductory Special Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies (Description)

PAAS 215 Language, Media and Translation in PAAS
PAAS 218 Intensive Beginner Chinese II (formerly PAAS 111) (Description)
PAAS 220 Intermediate Indonesian I
PAAS 221 Intermediate Indonesian II
PAAS 228 Pre-Intermediate Korean I
PAAS 229 Pre-Intermediate Korean II
PAAS 238 Intensive Beginner Japanese II (formerly PAAS 131) (Description)
PAAS 252 Pop Cultural Asia
PAAS 253 Activism in Asia
PAAS 265A China and the Premodern World
PAAS 265B China and the Modern West
PAAS 274 How to Learn a Language
PAAS 275 Modern South Asia from Early Empires to Gandhi
PAAS 279/LING 261 Introduction to the Chinese Language and Linguistics (Description)
PAAS 280 A Taste of Japan
PAAS 299 Experiential Learning

300-level courses at a glance

Course Number Course title
PAAS 305 Religions of East Asia 
PAAS 307

Globalization and Religion

PAAS 309 Human Rights and Cultural Expression in the Asia-Pacific Region (Description)
PAAS 315 Critical Approaches to History, Culture and Society in PAAS
PAAS 318 Intermediate Chinese  (formerly PAAS 210 and 211) (Description)
PAAS 338 Intermediate Japanese (formerly PAAS 230) (Description)
PAAS 340 Integrative Intermediate Japanese (formerly PAAS 330) (Description)
PAAS 341 Advanced Readings in Japanese I (formerly PAAS 331)
PAAS 342 Advanced Readings in Japanese II (formerly PAAS 332) (Description)
PAAS 343

Advanced Comprehension and Conversation in Japanese (formerly PAAS 333)

PAAS 344 Advanced Composition in Japanese (formerly PAAS 334)
PAAS 345 Japanese through Popular Culture (formerly PAAS 336) (Description)
PAAS 346 DIGITAL ASIA (Description)
PAAS 351 Contemporary Chinese Society (Description)
PAAS 352 Global Taiwan (Description)
PAAS 353

Survey of Classical Chinese Literature (Description)

PAAS 355

Modern Chinese Literature and Society 1900-1949 in English

PAAS 356

The Literature of the People's Republic of China 1949 to the Present in English (Description)

PAAS 357 Chinese Cinema from Text to Screen (Description)
PAAS 358

Screening the Nation: Nationalism, Ideology, and Politics in Chinese Cinema


PAAS 361 War and Revolution in China
PAAS 363 The Buddhist Tradition 
PAAS 366 Gendering India from Empire to Bollywood
PAAS 367 Gandhi and the Ethics of Nonviolence (Description)
PAAS 372 Southeast Asian Cinema 
PAAS 374 Short Films and Filmmaking in Asia
PAAS 375 History of Decolonization in Asia and Africa
PAAS 376 Street Art and Graffiti in Asia
PAAS 380

Japanese Economy, Politics and Culture (Description)

PAAS 385

Sex, Gender and the Body in Japanese Culture

PAAS 386 Premodern Japanese Literature in Translation 
PAAS 388 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (Description)
PAAS 393 Humanism in Japanese Cinema to the 1960s 
PAAS 394 Pre-modern Japanese Theatre
PAAS 395 Intermediate Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies (Fall) (Spring)
PAAS 396 Directed Experiential Learning in Pacific and Asian Studies
PAAS 397 Field School in Pacific and Asian Studies 
PAAS 398 Asia-Pacific Experience Research Project

PAAS399/LING 396

Sociolinguistic Issues in Japanese  (Description)

400-level courses at a glance

Course number Course title
PAAS 400

Advanced Research Seminar (Description)

PAAS 404

Asian Horror Cinema

PAAS 409 Globalization, Cosmopolitanism and Asian-Pacific Cultures (Description)
PAAS 410 Advanced Mandarin for Native Speakers of Chinese (Description)
PAAS 411 Directed Readings in Chinese Language
PAAS 412 Understanding Chinese Media (formerly PAAS 310) 
PAAS 413 Effective Communication in Chinese (formerly PAAS 311) (Description)
PAAS 418 Classical Chinese Prose (formerly PAAS 312) 
PAAS 420

Chinese Narrative 

PAAS 430 Seminar in Modern Japanese Literature
PAAS 432 Directed Readings in Japanese
PAAS 451 Asian Mega-Cities and Urban Regions (Description)
PAAS 452 Teaching and Learning Chinese as an Additional Language (Description)
PAAS 455 Authors in Contemporary Chinese Literature in Translation
PAAS 456 Thematic Study of Contemporary Chinese Literature in Translation (Description)
PAAS 457 Authors in Classical Chinese Literature (Description)
PAAS 458 Themes in Classical Chinese Literature 
PAAS 459 Directed Readings in Chinese Linguistics (Description)
PAAS 464 Topics in Studies of Australasia 2015-16. The Global Positions of Indigenous Peoples 
PAAS 481 Transcultural Japan
PAAS 484 Identity in Animated Japanese Cinema 
PAAS 485 Seminar in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture
PAAS 487 Trends in Japanese Cinema, 1960 to Present 
PAAS 488 Japanese Fantasy   (Description)
PAAS 493 Seminar in Buddhism in English
PAAS 494 Special Topics in Translating Asian Languages (Description)
PAAS 495 Special Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies  (Fall) (Spring) (Desription)
PAAS 496 Directed Studies in Pacific and Asian Studies
PAAS 497 Special Topics in Asian Languages 
PAAS 499                     Honours Thesis