We offer courses that draw from the wide range of academic approaches that reflect the strengths of the Humanities, including: language, linguistics, history, literature, theatre, film, political and social issues, cultural and religious studies from the Asia-Pacific region. We pride ourselves on the strength of our language program, which offers courses in four Asian languages. Our language instructors are outstanding, and among the most popular and accomplished members in our department. Each language has different placement policies. Please check the policy (Chinese, KoreanIndonesian, and Japanese) before you register.  

To help you choose your program in a way that allows you to maximise your educational opportunities, our courses are listed by course number, course theme, or the region covered in the course. You can see a brief description of each course in the University calendar.    

Our advisors are also available to help you choose courses to meet your academic goals.      

Come join us and strengthen your education!