Our people

PAAS Faculty
PAAS Faculty—a mosaic of skills and areas!

Our regular faculty members, experienced sessional instructors, and support staff are what make our department successful. We are a dynamic group of instructors with a wide range of experience and knowledge about Asia: languages, ideologies, religions, histories, literatures, cinemas, theatres, and how these interact to form traditional and contemporary popular culture. Many of us have outstanding reputations as teachers, with three award-winning instructors on our faculty. Other faculty members are internationally renowned for their research programs, and we all encourage our students to excel in all their explorations of Asia. We recognise the importance of critical analysis and the indispensable necessity of language training, and we're committed to helping our students achieve their very best. We're committed to being accessible to you, our students, because you are our reasons for being here. Please don't hesitate to contact us -- we'd love to hear from you.