Mika Kimura

Mika Kimura
Associate Teaching Professor- Japanese Language Coordinator
Pacific and Asian Studies
Office: CLE C224
Area of expertise

Teaching Japanese as a second language; second language acquisition; Computer-assisted language learning


MA, University of Victoria

Research Interests
  • Teaching Japanese as a second language; second language acquisition
  • Computer-assisted language learning

Before joining the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies as a Japanese Language Instructor in 1997, I had worked as a TA for these language courses for a number of years. In 2005, I became a Senior Instructor in the Japanese language program. Currently my academic interests are: Second Language Acquisition, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, and implementation of online courses. I love teaching and interacting with my students, as well as designing new challenges. I also enjoy watching Japanese dramas!!


Since 1997 I have taught different levels of Japanese language courses. These include introductory, intermediate and advanced courses (PAAS 130, PAAS 131, PAAS 230, PAAS 330, and PAAS 497. I am planning to teach other courses including PAAS 235 and advanced level courses, and I'm looking forward to these very much.

Besides teaching, I work as the coordinator for the Summer Japanese Language Program. Currently we have two programs for summer; one is at Konan University in Kobe and the other is at Doshisha Women's College in Kyoto. I have had very positive feedback from students who have participated in these programs and I am very proud to introduce these opportunities to students who want to improve their Japanese language ability.


PAAS 130:  Introductory Japanese I
PAAS 131:  Introductory Japanese II
PAAS 230:  Intermediate Japanese I
PAAS 330:  Intermediate Japanese II
PAAS 497:  Special Topics: Academic Japanese