Current graduate students

Name Supervisor Research interest
Xiaomeng (Ivy) Cheng Dr. King How sexual relations in Chinese literature affect women's idenity in contemporary Chinese society
Siyi Cheng Dr. Marton Higher Education Internationalization in China
Nicholas Chlumecky Dr. Endo North Korea, Representation, and Armament: An Investigation into the Politics of Missile Defense
Joseph Clark Dr. Endo Educational Reform in Japan; Innovation and National Community in Empire
Diana Draker Dr. Poulton Technology and Interactivity in Modern and Post-Modern Japanese Theatre
Jerry Flexer Dr. Adam

Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Skillful Means: A deconstruction of philosophical discourse in the context of time, place, and audience

Kong Yeung Ronald Lai Dr. Endo

Shinzo Abe’s Version of History and the “Rise of China”

Nishang Li Dr. Bodden

"Rotten Culture" from Japan to China

Zhipeng (Lee) Li Dr. Marton
Dave Long Dr. Bodden Javanese Power and Popular Culture: Wayang Tales and Resistance to Hegemony During the Suharto Years
Jingwan Maio Dr. Lin The chivalrous spirit in The Water Margin
Guodong (Gordon) Wang Dr. Marton The Transformation and Upgrading of Marine Industry and Impacts in East China
Liying Lily Wang Dr. King De-revolutionzing the Red Classics: A Case Study of Track in the Snowy Forest as a Genre from Novel, Drama,Television to Movie
Shiya April Zhang Dr. King Does time heal?: Cinematic Reconstruction of Historical Trauma in 21st-Century China
Shiyao Zhang Dr. King Can the Intellectuals speak? The subalternity in modern Chinese literature

Yucong (Viola) Zhang

Dr. Marton

Water Management in the Post-Collective Lower Yangzi Delta Extended Metropolitan Region    

Qichen Zhong

Dr. Lin Women in Poetry of Late Imperial China

Recent Graduates

Jen Chen Dr. Lin Roaming Nüxia: Female Knights-errant in Jin Yong’s Fiction
N'Donna Russell Dr. Poulton Make-Up!: The Mythic Narrative and Transformation as a Mechanism for Personal and Spiritual Growth in Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo) Anime
Yaxi Kathy Luo Dr. King Classical Chinese Literature and Poetry in Tang Dynasty
Hajime Kataoka Drs. Poulton/A. D'Arcy Enhancing Social Media-Based Participation in L2 Communities of Practice
Siying Sherry Wang Dr. Poulton Aesthetics of Color in Japanese Traditional Painting in the Edo Period
Rita Livshits Dr. Poulton Does Ishiguro Dream of Electric Sheep?  Androids as a Distinctive Emergent Phenomenon in Japan
Douglas Stetar Dr. King Cities of Fantasy: The Construction of the Desiring Subject in Urban China
Madeline Holden Dr. Morgan House of Gold: The Politics of Faith, Accessibility and Diplomacy in Navigating Islamic Microfinance (Baitul Maal wat Tamwil) in Surakarta, Indonesia