Sravya Tekumalla

Sravya  Tekumalla
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Office: Engineering Office Wing, Room 235

Ph.D. (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Area of expertise

Metal additive manufacturing, materials design, light alloys and composites, microstructure and crystallographic texture control, multi-scale mechanical testing, materials characterization.


Dr. Sravya Tekumalla’s research focuses on coupling advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D Printing) with next-generation metallic materials for structural and functional applications. These advanced materials have applications in aerospace, automobile, biomedical and electronic applications. Areas of her current research interest are:

- Design and development of novel alloys and techniques for additive manufacturing

- Unravelling the complex microstructures in additively manufactured alloys

- Microstructure and crystallographic texture control during additive manufacturing

- Multi-scale mechanical behavior of metallic materials (HCP, FCC, and BCC)

- Experimental investigations of processing- structure- property- performance relationships

Research opportunities for graduate study in these or related areas are available. Motivated candidates with an undergraduate or graduate background in Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering or related fields are encouraged to apply by sending their CV and a short description of their research interests via email to Dr. Sravya Tekumalla.