Dr. James O. Young, FRSC

Dr. James O. Young, FRSC
Office: CLE B324 | Mon & Thurs 2:30-4:00pm

BA (Simon Fraser), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Boston)

Area of expertise

Philosophy of language, philosophy of art (esp. philosophy of music)

James joined this department in 1985. In 2015, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

James O. Young, FRSC is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Victoria. He works on philosophy of language and philosophy of art. His work in philosophy of language focuses on theories of truth and on the debate between realists and anti-realists. In philosophy of art, he is particularly interested in philosophy of music, art as a source of knowledge, and ontological and moral questions raised by reflection on the arts. He also has an emerging interest in the history of aesthetics. A translation of Jean-Baptiste Du Bos’ Critical Reflections on Poetry and Painting (jointly produced by Margaret Cameron) is forthcoming. Dr. Young is also writing a history of western philosophy of music (under contract with Cambridge University Press).

Dr Young has a practical as well as a philosophical interest in music. He is an amateur harpsichordist and has been Artistic Director of the Early Music Society of the Islands for many years.

Dr Young is the author of Global Anti-realism (Avebury, 1995), Art and Knowledge (Routledge, 2001), Cultural Appropriation and the Arts (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008), Critique of Pure Music (Oxford, 2014), Filosofía de la Música. Respuestas a Peter Kivy (Calanda, 2017) Radically Rethinking Copyright in the Arts: A Philosophical Perspective (Routledge, 2020). He has translated, annotated and introduced Charles Batteux’s The Fine Arts Reduced to a Single Principle (Oxford, 2015). He edited the four-volume collection Aesthetics: Critical Concepts in Philosophy (Routledge, 2005), Semantics of Aesthetic Judgements (Oxford, 2017) and co-edited The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009) with Conrad Brunk. In addition to his books, Dr Young has written over sixty articles in refereed journals and many book chapters. For a detailed list of Dr. Young's recent publications, see our "What We're Writing" page.


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