About us

The Department of Philosophy provides programs of study leading to the degrees of BA, BA (Hons.), MA, and PhD. We offer a comprehensive program of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


The undergraduate program provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop skills of critical thinking and analysis by taking courses in a wide array of philosophical subjects including ethics, logic and the history of ancient and modern philosophy.


Our graduate program provides students with advanced philosophical training and the opportunity to work closely with individual faculty members on research projects in a wide variety of subjects. The MA program combines coursework and a major research project: an excellent foundation for doctoral studies or the pursuit of professional non-academic careers.

Our particular research strengths include aesthetics, applied ethics, ethics, logic, political philosophy, history of philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. See profiles of department members and their research and teaching interests.


We also cooperate with other departments and schools to provide interdisciplinary programs and instruction. In particular, we coordinate the Minor in Applied Ethics and participate in the Minor in Social Justice Studies. This minor offers courses in conjunction with the Faculty of Law and various faculty work closely with other departments such as Law, Political Science, Medieval Studies, Greek and Roman Studies, and Computer Science.

Community involvement

There are regular public events such as our colloquium series. We also participate in the Victoria Colloquium in Political, Social, and Legal Theory and have a very active Philosophy Students' Union that hosts events and conferences for students.