Graduate programs

MA program requirements

Students must fulfill three course requirements:

  1. Take 9 units of course work. With the permission of the Graduate Adviser, up to 1.5 units of this course work may be taken in departments other than the Department of Philosophy. The Research Methods seminar (PHIL 591) must be taken in partial satisfaction of this requirement.
  2. Students must register for and complete the Professional Development Practicum (PHIL 592) for 1.5 units.
  3. Write a Major Research Project of 4.5 units. (PHIL 598)

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Program length is one year (twelve months). 

Two (2) Letters of Recommendation are required. 

Academic supervision

Students in the MA program identify a supervisor through consultation with faculty about their research interests and anticipated research project. The supervisor and thesis committee are usually determined at the end of the second term of study. Please note, however, that sessional and adjunct faculty typically do not supervise graduate students.


UVic is a great place to do a master's in philosophy. I found the department to be extremely supportive of its graduate students, and its collegial atmosphere fosters a lively and stimulating academic community. Most importantly, it provides excellent preparation for a PhD program. Upon beginning my PhD, I found that my time at UVic made me immediately competitive with graduate students from universities across Canada.

Jeremy Petch

The master's program in philosophy at the University of Victoria was the little step I needed to take before making the big jump to a PhD program in the United States. The faculty were extremely supportive in accommodating and encouraging my interests, while at the same time providing enough guidance to guarantee that I completed the requirements for my MA in less than two years.

After I graduated I received incredible support in the form of seemingly unending letters of recommendation from my thesis committee and careful editorial attention to my SSHRC grant proposal from UVic's SSHRC Grant Facilitator, Dr. Rosemary Ommer. It was these two things that made my dream of attending a top PhD program in the United States possible. I would recommend UVic's MA program to anyone who wants to experience the rigours of graduate work tempered with the luxury of living in one of Canada's most beautiful cities.

Alden Jerrett-Enns


PhD Program Requirements

Students must complete these requirements: 

  1. Complete 9 units of:
    courses numbered 500 and above (except PHIL 598). With the permission of the Graduate Adviser, up to 3 units of this course work may be taken in departments other than the Department of Philosophy.
    • PHIL693 - Candidacy Examination (3.0)
    • PHIL699 - PhD Dissertation (18.0)
  • In fulfillment of the candidacy requirement, all students must satisfy a logic requirement and be examined on an area of philosophical specialization and an area of philosophical competence. A dissertation proposal must be approved by a student supervisory committee.
  • A student will be required to display competence in one or more second languages when his or her supervisory committee determines that such competence is required by his or her program of research.
More information can be found in the UVic calendar.