Philosophy Colloquia

Philosophy and Victoria Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2018

January 19th, Dr. Julen Etxabe, University Helsinki, Victoria Colloquium: "Dialogism in the Courts: What’s in it for Law, Human Rights, and Democracy?"

February 2nd, Dr. Joel Bakan, University of British Columbia, Victoria Colloquium

February 9th, Dr. Tim Kenyon, University of Waterloo, Philosophy Colloquium: "Phenomena and theory in the epistemology of testimony"

February 23rd, Dr. Alison Wylie, University of British Columbia, Philosophy Colloquium

March 2nd, Dr. Conor Mayo-Wilson, University of Washington, Philosophy Colloquium

March 9th, Dr. Marie-Eve Morin, University of Alberta, Philosophy Colloquium

March 16th, Dr. Gina Rini, York University,  Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Philosophy of Moral and Social Cognition, Philosophy Colloquium

March 23rd, Dr. Chris Lebron, Johns Hopkins, Victoria Colloquium

Fall 2017

September 15th: Dr. David Scott, UVic, Philosophy Colloquium: "Descartes on Thought: Evolution of a Misinterpretation"

September 22nd: Dr. Leslie Green, Queen's University, Victoria Colloquium: "The Normativity of Law: What is the Problem?"

September 29th: Dr. Tom Donaldson, Simon Fraser University, Philosophy Colloquium: "On the Nature of Mathematical Truth (or: truthmaker theory meets easy ontology)"

October 13th: Dr. Orit Kamir, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Victoria Colloquium: "Escape from Dignity: The Honour Politics of Jihad, Social Media Shaming, and Trump."

October 27th: Dr. Michael Griffin, University of British Columbia, Philosophy Colloquium: "Plato’s Republic as Psychology and Dissuasion from Politics"

November 3rd: Dr. Barbara Arneil, University of British Columbia, Victoria Colloquium: "Domestic Colonies and Colonialism vs Imperialism in Western Political Thought and Practice"

November 10th: Dr. Jennifer Wang, Simon Fraser University, Philosophy Colloquium: "The Epistemology of Primitive Modality"