Former philosophy student Harmony Ezeuko standing outside of a UVic building

Find your edge in philosophy

Former philosophy student Harmony Ezeuko says his philosophy education has opened him to new perspectives, and made him more empathetic and understanding.

Undergraduate studies
Kacie Williams explains a logic problem at the Logic Lab during Explore UVIC 2018.

Logic Lab at Explore UVic 2018

Kacie Williams explains a logic problem at the Logic Lab during Explore UVIC 2018.

A selection of faculty publications

Faculty publications

A selection of faculty publications.

faculty publications
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Our undergraduate programs encourage critical thinking and help you effectively communicate your thoughts about challenging and inspiring questions.

Undergraduate programs
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Graduate studies in philosophy

Our graduate program fosters a community where research interests intersect, generating unique insights in our brilliant Pacific Rim environment.

Graduate programs
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How philosophy can guide your career path

Brandon Carnduff says his philosophy degree has given him transferable skills that can be applied to any career.

Possible careers

Ask the big questions. Think the big ideas.

Philosophy explores the complex and ever-evolving questions that we face in our everyday lives in a rational and critical way. It addresses fundamental issues—relevant to all disciplines—about the nature of truth, knowledge, justice, meaning and beauty.

You’ll find that the big questions of philosophy are universal and can be applied to the significant issues facing humanity and the ethical dilemmas we each face every day. The study of philosophy can be applied to virtually any discipline, like medicine, science, politics and law.

All disciplines employ reasoning in pursuing knowledge but philosophy is unique in explicitly exploring the nature of reasoning and its relation to the pursuit of truth and practical wisdom.
—Colin Macleod, Chair

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