Here is a list of our former graduate students, sorted by degree and year.

MA Students


  • Gennady McCracken, B.A. (University British Columbia-Okanagan): "MacIntyre, The Liberal Virtue of Imagination, and Imagination Subverting Modernity.”; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod


  • Jonathan Faerber, B.A. (University of Alberta): "Unbelievable Doubts (and other skeptical discoveries)”; Supervisor: Dr. Scott Woodcock
  • Julia Berry, B.A. (UVic); "The Two Definitions of Racism: How a Multi-Faceted Account Can Lead to Multi-Faceted Solutions"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap
  • Dean Coslovi, B.A. (University of Lethbridge); "Two Bridges and a Mapping Problem: An Account of the Impossibility for a Materialist Explanation of Phenomenal Properties"; Supervisor: Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge
  • Adrianna Forest, B.A.; "Who is Being Consoled in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy?"; Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Cameron
  • Edmon Kelaita, B.A. (UBC); "Virtue Epistemology: A Defense Of High-Knowledge"; Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Rysiew


  • Emma Byrnes, B.A.H. (Queen's): "Costly Choices: Gender & Luck Egalitarianism"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin MacLeod
  • Zacharius Braciszewicz, B.A. (UVic): "Wittgensteinian Hinges and the Universality of Rational Evaluation"; Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Rysiew
  • Aleta Gruenewald, B.A. (Queen's):"An Inclusive Framework for Understanding Transpeople's First Person Authority over Avowals of Gender Identity"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap
  • Eric Hutchinson, B.A. (York University), "On the Relation of Finite Things to God in Spinoza’s Ethics"; Supervisor: Dr. David Scott
  • Denelle Lambert, B.A. (Calgary), B.L. (Ottawa): "Metaphysics, Copyright, and Fictional Characters"; Supervisor: Dr. James Young
  • Jaipreet Mattu, B.Sc. (University of Fraser Valley): "Psychiatry as Cognitive Neuroscience: A Pluralistic Framework Based on Mechanistic Explanation"; Supervisor Dr. AudreyYap
  • Cadence Taylor,B.A. (UVic): "Practical Morality and Error Theory. An Examination of Joyce’s Argument against Morality"; Supervisor Dr. Scott Woodcock
  • Kacie Williams, B.A. (Fredonia): "Affirming The Art Status of Video Games What are Video Games and How Do Some Attain Arthood"; Supervisor Dr. James Young


  • Buddy Boren, B.A. (Alaska, Anchorage): "On Virtue, Value, & Epistemic Normativity"; Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Rysiew, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Camerson
  • Alastair Crosby, B.A. (Uvic): "Social Intercourse & Social Epistemology from Thomas Reid's Point of View"; Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Rysiew
  • Melissa Hiebert: B.A. (Winnipeg): "Is Sufficientarianism Sufffficient? Prospects for the Sufficiency Threshold"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap
  • Jennifer Sommers: B.A. (UVis) "Overeating, Obesity, and Weakness of the Will"; Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Holder
  • Theo Holland, B.A. (King's College, Dalhousie): "The Epistemology of Privilege"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap
  • Daniel Pietrucha, B.Sc. (Virginia): "Basic Income, Private Property & Reciprocity"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin MacLeod


  • Tracy de Boer, B.A. (U of Calgary): "Disability and Sexual Justice"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod
  • Carolyn Garland, B.A. Hons. (University of Manitoba): "Existence, Noneism, and the Varieties of Worlds"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap and Dr. Mike Raven
  • Evan Westre, B.A. (Vancouver Island University): "Reexamining the Problem of Demarcating Science and Pseudoscience"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap and Dr. Jeff Foss
  • Michael Abhainn, B.A. (Trent - Philosophy), BDes (Ontario College of Art and Design - Design); Supervisor: Dr. James Young


  • Nathan E. Welle, B.A. (UVic): "The Foundations of Aristotle's Functionalist Approach to Political Theory"; Supervisor: Dr. Josh Wilburn.
  • Mark Zolotar, B.A. Hons. (York): "Internal Accommodation in Moral Irrealism"; Supervisor: Dr. Scott Woodcock.
  • Jared St. Peter, B.A. (Toronto): "Can Torture Ever Be Justified for a Democracy?"; Dr. Cindy Holder.
  • Navarre diCarlo, B.A. (Thompson Rivers): "The Spirit of Empiricism? An Analysis of Empiricism as a Stance"; Dr. Jeff Foss.
  • Danielle Brown, B.A. Hons. (UVic): "Free Will and the Self"; Dr. Patrick Rysiew.
  • Adrienne Canning, B.C. Hons. (Wilfrid Laurier): "The semantic approach as an anti-physicalist renewal of the explanatory gap problem in contemporary philosophy of mind"; Dr. Jeffrey Foss.
  • Soroush Moghaddam, B.Sc. (UBC): "Confronting the Normativity Objection: W.V. Quine’s Engineering Model and Michael A. Bishop and J.D. Trout’s Strategic Reliabilism"; Dr. Patrick Rysiew.
  • Anthony Della Zazzera, B.A. Hons. (Ottawa): "Truth and Art: A Discussion Between Two Philosophical Traditions"; Supervisor: Dr. James Young.


  • Matthew Stacey, B.A. (Guelph): "Kant on Sex and Marriage:  What Kant Should Have Said"; Supervisor: Dr. Scott Woodcock.
  • Anthony Jannotta, B.A. (Bridgewater State College): "Intention and interpretation:   A Revised Moderate Actual Intentionalism"; Supervisor: Dr. James Young.
  • Kelly Henderson, B.A. Hons. (Concordia): "Relational Approaches to Animal Ethics and the Intuition of Differential Obligations"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod.
  • Matthew Riddett, B.A. Hons. (Alberta): " Cultivating Freedom: Education and the Right to Autonomy"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod.


  • Ryan Tonkin, B.A. Hons. (UVic): "Public Reasons or Public Justification: Conceptualizing "can" and the Elimination of Exclusion in Politics"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod
  • Michael Robillard, B.Sc. (US Military Academy): " Persons, War, and Structures:  A Case for Structural Responsibility as Applied to Warfare"; Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Holder
  • Thomas Gemelli, B.A. (Vassar): " Aristotle’s Metaphysics of Living Bodies"; Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Cameron
  • Rene Negrich, B.A. Hons. (St. Mary's): "Philosophy of Art Forgeries: The Aesthetic Difference Between Originals and Copies"; Supervisor: Dr. James Young
  • Meaghan Shepherd, B.A. (San Francisco State): "Torture, Secrecy, and Democratic Values: Balancing Security and Publicity in Republican Democracy"; Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Holder.


  • Nikoo Najand, B.A. Hons. (Calgary): "Ectogenesis: The Ethical Implications of a New Reproductive Technology"; Supervisor: Dr. Eike Kluge
  • Takuto Shiota, B.A. (Toronto): "Rethinking Reconciliation: The Missing Link Between TRCs and the Constructive Participation of Perpetrators"; Supervisor:  Dr. Cindy Holder
  • Mary Curry, B.A. Hons. (St. Francis Xavier): " Anti-foundationalism and Liberal Democracy: Richard Rorty and the Role of Religion in the Public Sphere"; Supervisor: Dr. Conrad Brunk
  • Andrew Moss, B.A. (UNB): "Transforming Contemporary Criminal Sentencing: Introducing a Composite-Aims Restorative Justice Model"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod
  • PJ Mueller, B.Comp., B.A. Hons. (Guelph): " Geometrical Conventionalism and the Theory of Relativity: Can We Know the True Geometry of Space?"; Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Yap


  • Ian David Fryer, B.A. Hons. (Concordia): "Non-Propositional Knowledge In Plato And Wittgenstein"; Supervisor: Dr. Jan Zwicky
  • Marcus Brewer Jardine, B.A. (PEI): "Deliberative Democracy: answering the Practical Challenges"; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod
  • Rosemary Marilla Murphy, B.A. (St. Francis Xavier): David B. Milne: An Artist's Epistemology; Supervisor: Dr. Jan Zwicky


  • Mary Stewart Butterfield, B.A. (Alberta): An Epistemological Framework for Inclusive Democratic Deliberation; Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Holder
  • Curtis Joseph Forbes, B.A. (Alberta): A New Argument for Scientific Realism; Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Foss


  • Jay Alden Jerrett-Enns, B.A. (Winnipeg): The Natural Language as a Language of Thought; Supervisor: Dr. James O. Young
  • Michael Ken Jordan, B.A. (Calgary): Care Relationships, Testimony, and the Argument from Religious Experience Co-Supervisors: Dr. Taneli Kukkonen, Dr. Murdith McLean
  • Nolan Sherwood Ritcey, B.A. (Dalhousie): Narrative Identity and Non-Conscious Particulars; Supervisor: Dr. Jan Zwicky


  • Andre Warren Heiti, B.A. (Toronto): The Ethics of Simone Weil and Ludwig Wittgenstin; Supervisor: Dr. Jan Zwicky
  • Krystal Dawn Kreye, B.A. (Alberta): Practicing Freedom: On Foucault and Ethics; Supervisor: Dr. James Tully
  • Jesse Manning McConnell, B.A. (Memorial): Reconsidering Autonomy and Consensus in Habermas's Discourse Ethics ; Supervisor: Dr. James Tully
  • Stefano Edoardo Mingarelli, B.A. (Concordia): The Positive dimensions of Negative Liberty; Supervisor: Dr. James Tully
  • Kenna Jill Miskelly, B.Sc. (Victoria): Exploring Ethical Issues in Data Mining: The Role of Collective Privacy Co-Supervisors:Dr. Scott Woodcock, Dr. Marsha Hanen
  • Paul David Wilkinson Teel, B.Sc. (Wheaton College): Christian Theology and the Modern Science of Nature A Critical Analysis of Michael Beresford Foster's Mind Articles; Supervisor: Dr. David Scott


  • Robyn Katherine Lee, B.A. (King's College): Sacrifice and Ethical Responsibility Kierkegaard, Levinas and Derrida: Three Perspectives On Singularity And Its Conflicted Relationship to Universalism; Supervisor: Dr. Taneli Kukkonen


  • Sherwin Gale Arnott, B.A. (Calgary): Models, Method and Truth: How To Be An internalist With Realist Attitudes; Supervisor: Dr. James O. Young
  • Mark Cameron Bell, B.A. Honours (UBC): Animal Minds: The Empirical Foundations of The Interests Of Animals; Supervisor: Dr. Scott Woodcock
  • Lyle Owen Crawford, B.A. (Victoria): Is What You See What You Get:? The "Filling In" Debate And Its Implications For The Conception Of Mind; Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey E. Foss
  • Jane Elizabeth Letton, B.A. (Western): The Role Of Emotion In Moral Decision-Making: A Comparison Of Christine Korsgaard's Kantian Position and Peter Railton's Neo-Humean Position; Supervisor: Dr. Cindy L. Holder
  • Jeremy Petch, B.A. Honours (Victoria): Responding To Patients Who Take Risks With their Health; Supervisor: Dr. Conrad Brunk
  • Kimberley Dawn Tomasson, B.A. (Victoria): Ethical Consistency, The Canada Health Act And Resource Allocation: Arguments For A Rights-Based Approach to Decision-Making; Supervisor: Dr. Eike H.-W. Kluge


  • Anthony Joseph Burgoyne, B.A. Honours (UBC): David Chalmers' 'Hard Problem' Of Consciousness: A Critique; Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey E. Foss
  • Simon Alexander Lambeth, B.A. (Newcastle): The Structure Of The Duty Of Beneficence; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod
  • Christopher M. Maier, B.A. Honours (RMC): The Liberal Rights And Citizen Soldiers: A Rawlsian Treatment Of The Rights Of Soldiers; Supervisor: Dr. Colin Macleod

PhD Students


  • Paul David Wilkinson Teel, B.Sc. (Wheaton College), M.A. (Victoria): "The Metaphysics of Dappledness: Charles S. Peirce and Nancy Cartwright on the Philosophy of Science"; Supervisor: Dr. David Scott


  • Peter Justin Kalef, B.A. (Victoria), M.A. (Leeds) (now at Vancouver Island University): "Answering Harman's Relativism"; Supervisor: Dr. Scott Woodcock