Minor and general degree programs in social justice studies

The minor degree is intended for students studying toward a major in the field of their choice.

The general degree pairs the SJS minor with an additional minor, resulting in the completion of a general degree.

Program requirements

The minor program requires the successful completion of three required core courses (4.5 units) and five elective courses (7.5 units) chosen from pre-approved course offerings of participating and collaborating programs for a total of 12 units. To satisfy the interdisciplinary element of this program, it is required that no more than three units of electives may be taken from any one department or school.

Declare your minor or submit a program change

To declare your minor or submit a program change, you must have a minimum 12 units of completed course work, satisfied the University English Requirement and met all lower-level grade requirements for your program.

  1. Log into My page with your NetLink ID and password.
  2. Go to the Student services section.
  3. Select or hover over the Grades & records tab.
  4. Select Program declaration or change.