Nigel Mantou Lou

Nigel Mantou Lou
Assistant Professor
Office: Cornett Building A240

Ph.D. 2019 (University of Alberta) Joined Department in 2021

Area of expertise

Social Psychology

My research interests are at the intersection of social/personality psychology, educational psychology, and applied linguistics, especially where they converge on motivation, identity, intercultural communications, and intergroup relations.

One line of my research focuses on beliefs and motivation that influence language development and intergroup/interpersonal processes. Current projects include examining social factors that shape mindsets and goal pursuits related to the success of language learning and interpersonal/intergroup communication.

Another line of my research focuses on acculturation and socio-cultural adaptation, particularly their relations with discrimination, identity, and language development. Current projects include studying immigrants and ethnic minorities’ experiences of racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how their experiences may continue to impact their well-being and socio-cultural adaptation.



  • Motivation; Intergroup Relations; Intercultural Communication; Immigration; Language learning; Beliefs; Identity.


Selected publications

Lou, N. M., & Li, L. M. (2022). The mindsets × societal norm effect across 78 cultures: Growth mindsets are linked to performance weakly and well-being negatively in societies with fixed-mindset norms. British Journal of Educational Psychology.

Lou, N. M., Noels, K. A., Kurl, S., Zhang, Y. S. D., & Young-Leslie, H. (2022). COVID discrimination experience: Chinese Canadians’ social identities moderate the effect of personal and group discrimination on well-being. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. Advance online publication.

Lou, N. M., Chaffee, K. E., & Noels, K. A. (2022). Growth, fixed and mixed mindsets: Mindset system profiles in foreign language learners and their role in engagement and achievement. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 44(3), 607 – 632.

Lou, N. M. (2021). Acculturation in a postcolonial context: Language, identity, cultural adaptation, and academic achievement of Macao students in Mainland China. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 85, 213–225.

Lou, N. M., & Noels, K. A. (2020). Breaking the vicious cycle of language anxiety: Growth language mindsets improve lower-competence ESL students’ intercultural interactionsContemporary Educational Psychology, 61,101847.