Dr. Mariya Goncheva

Dr. Mariya Goncheva
Assistant Professor
Biochemistry and Microbiology

BSc, PhD (Edinburgh)

Area of expertise

Investigating viral-bacterial interactions during co-infection in the lungs; host-pathogen and pathogen-pathogen interactions; respiratory viruses; Gram positive pathogens.

Research Interests

The lab’s main interest is infectious diseases that affect the lung. Specifically, we study respiratory viral infections and how they are complicated by secondary bacterial co-infection. Currently, our focus is on two groups of viruses - influenza A virus and seasonal Coronaviruses, and one bacterium - Staphylococcus aureus. We use a combination of molecular bacteriology and virology techniques, microscopy and -omics analysis to understand the three way relationship between host, viruses and bacteria during co-infection. We study host-pathogen and pathogen-pathogen interactions and hope to utilize these findings for the development of novel treatment options for respiratory viral infections