About us

Caroline Cameron's research program focuses on invasive bacteria that cause diseases of global public health concern. Her lab studies the mechanisms used by bacteria to enter and spread throughout the body, with the ultimate goal of identifying novel diagnostic targets and vaccine candidates. Seen here accepting the Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence.

Our programs

There has never been a more exciting time in the molecular life sciences. A program in biochemistry or microbiology will provide you with skills and opportunities that will get you started. 

Undergraduate programs in Biochemistry or Microbiology will transform you into a molecular life scientist. By choosing appropriate electives, students can specialize in almost any field.

Graduate programs emphasize learning how to do modern molecular research by working with a faculty supervisor on an independent research projects leading to an MSc or a PhD.

Our people

  • Faculty - professors in the department
  • Adjunct faculty - external experts with close affiliation with the department
  • Staff - general office, laboratory instructors, co-op, biotechnical support and central services
  • Emeritus faculty - retired faculty members still active with the department

What's happening

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