Dr. Juan Ausio, BSc, PhD (Barcelona), Professor
Ph: 250-721-8863
Email: jausio@uvic.ca
Dr. Ausio's web page

Biophysical and biochemical studies of DNA-protein interactions involved in chromatin assembly and gene expression.

Dr. Alisdair Boraston, BSc, PhD (Brit.Col.), Professor
Ph: 250-472-4168
Email: boraston@uvic.ca
Dr. Boraston's web page

Protein-carbohydrate recognition using molecular biological, biochemical, biophysical, and structural methods.

Dr. Martin Boulanger, BSc, PhD (Brit.Col.), Professor
Ph: 250-721-7072
Email: mboulang@uvic.ca
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Structural basis of host-pathogen and vector-pathogen interactions; structure-guided design of small molecule therapeutics and vaccines.

Dr. Douglas Briant, BSc, MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Brit.Col.), Assistant Teaching Professor
Ph: 250-472-4458
Email: dbriant@uvic.ca
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Dr. John E. Burke, BSc (UC Berkeley), PhD (UC San Diego), Assistant Professor
Ph: 250-721-8732
Email: jeburke@uvic.ca
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Structural and dynamic studies investigating the regulation of lipid signalling enzymes and their role in human disease.

Dr. Caroline Cameron, BSc, PhD (UVic), Professor
Ph: 250-853-3189
Email: caroc@uvic.ca
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Bioinformatic, genomic and proteomic approaches to studying the pathogenic mechanisms of spirochetes.

Dr. Stephen Evans, BSc, PhD (Brit.Col.), Professor and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies
Ph: 250-472-4548
Email: svevans@uvic.ca
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Structural biology of protein-carbohydrate recognition; x-ray crystallography and scientific visualisation.

Dr. Caren Helbing, BSc (Hons)(Windsor), PhD (Western), Professor
Ph: 250-721-6146
Email: chelbing@uvic.ca
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Precision 'omics applied to aquatic sentinel and indicator species for human, wildlife and ecosystem health. Thyroid hormone signalling, amphibian metamorphosis, environmental pollutant effects on hormone action, environmental DNA.

Dr. Perry Howard, BSc (Waterloo), PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor and Chair of the Department
Ph: 250-721-7077
Email: bcmb@uvic.ca
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RNA processing in stem cells, Regulation of Pax6 by miRNA, and rewiring of tyrosine pathway in cancer.

Dr. Julian Lum, BSc, MSc, PhD (Ottawa), Associate Professor (Limited Term)
Ph: 250-519-5718
Email: jjlum@bccancer.bc.ca
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Immunometabolism; metabolic roles of autophagy in cancer and T cells, engineering T cells, immunotherapy, metabolomics

Dr. Francis Nano, AB (Oberlin), MSc, PhD (Ill), Professor
Ph: 250-721-7074
Email: fnano@uvic.ca
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The goal of our research is to develop genome engineering tools for generating temperature-sensitive (TS) microbial strains.  One application is developing attenuated pathogens that can be used as live vaccine strains.  We use directed evolution of native essential genes of mesophiles to change them to produce a TS product with a defined and non-reverting property. We also engineer genetic circuits that use a TS repressor protein to control a lethal gene in a mesophile.

Dr. Nano is not taking new graduate students at this time.

Dr. Brad Nelson, BSc (Hons) (UBC), PhD (California), Professor (Limited Term)
Ph: 250-519-5705
Email: bnelson@bccrc.ca
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Immune response to cancer, immunotherapy, T cell biology, cytokines, signal transduction and cell cycle regulation. Director of the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency.

Dr. Christopher Nelson, BSc, PhD (Brit.Col.), Associate Professor
Ph: 250-853-3889
Email: cjn@uvic.ca
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Application of molecular and systems-biology approaches to the study of chromatin regulatory pathway in yeast and mammalian cells. Current areas of investigation include transcription, RNA metabolism and DNA repair pathways involved in normal and cancer biology.

Dr. Lisa Reynolds, BSc (Manchester), PhD (Edinburgh), Assistant Professor
Ph: 250-721-6658
Email: lisareynolds@uvic.ca
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Interactions between the microbiota, parasites, and immune cells at mucosal surfaces, during health or during states of allergic or infectious disease.

Dr. Paul Romaniuk, BSc, PhD (McMaster), Professor
Ph: 250-721-7088
Email: pjr@uvic.ca
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Design and optimization of DNA and RNA-based isothermal amplification assays. Development of novel nucleic acid based point-of-care diagnostic tests to major pathogens in low resource countries.

Dr. Christopher Upton, BSc, PhD (Lond), Professor
Ph: 250-721-6507
Email: cupton@uvic.ca
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Viral bioinformatics and computer technologies to analyze viral genomes.