Adjunct faculty

Dr. N. Leigh Anderson, BA, PhD (Cambridge)
Adjunct Professor
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Human plasma proteomics and biomarkers of disease and quantitative mass spectrometry.

Dr. Monica Palcic, BSc, MSc, PhD (Alberta)
Adjunct Professor
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Structure, function and mechanisms of enzymes in glycome assembly and degradation.

Dr. Andrew Ross, BSc (Hons) (Surrey), PhD (UBC)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ph: 250-363-6800
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Application of mass spectrometry and associated techniques to marine biogeochemistry and proteomics, including the identification of metal-binding compounds and modified proteins involved in stress, disease, and the biological uptake of essential trace elements.

Dr. Peter Watson, BA, MA, MB BChir (Cambridge), FRCP (Manitoba)
Adjunct Professor
Ph: 250-519-5700
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Molecular genetics of breast cancer. Director of the Tumour Tissue Repository at the Deeley Cancer Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency.

Dr. John Webb, BSc, MSc, PhD (Western Ontario)
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph: 250-519-5706
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Cellular immunity and immune responses to peptide eptitopes, and vaccine development for cervical cancer.