What if you could avoid the dreaded blood test? A research team based at UVic and led by biochemists Terry Pearson and Leigh Anderson is poised to revolutionize medical diagnostics with a new method involving just one drop of blood. Read more.

The Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology recognizes and supports all biochemistry- and microbiology-related research endeavors, including basic research, clinical research, and community-based research.

Biochemistry and Microbiology faculty are involved in world class research and the department is recognized internationally for high quality research programs. Research programs are focussed on fundamental questions or practical problems related to health and the environment.

  • The department has award winning research in the field of structural biology. Data on the molecular structure of macromolecules is a crucial step in determining how they function.
  • The department also has internationally recognized research programs in pathogenesis. A detailed understanding of how bacteria, parasites and viruses infect cells is a crucial step in developing novel treatments and diagnostics.
  • Proteomics is the study of the repertoire of proteins produced by cells. The department boasts world class facilities and programs in this emerging field.
  • Regulation of gene expression is a field focussed on the biochemical mechanisms that lead to gene products, RNA or proteins that control cellular structure and function.
  • Epigenetics is an area of research strength in the department; this field investigates the mechanisms by which heritable changes that are not based on alterations in DNA are passed from one generation to the next.
  • Cellular signaling is an area of strength investigating the mechanisms by which cells use chemical messages to activate intracellular processes to control cellular behaviour, metabolism, and development.
  • The department has internationally recognized programs investigating environmental contaminants that disrupt normal hormonal signaling.
  • Faculty in the Department include researchers at the BC Cancer Agency - Deeley Research Centre. These faculty are leaders in the study of immune system responses to cancer and how to enhance this response for preventative and therapeutic purposes.