Students working together

Excellent facilities and technical support

Modern science requires the right tools. Our students and researchers work with amazing instruments and facilities. We:

  • analyze atomic structure
  • screen yeast with a robot
  • analyze molecular interactions with an ultracentrifuge
  • work with animal models
  • measure gene expression with array technology
  • express pathogenic proteins in insect cells
  • measure proteins binding DNA or proteins binding carbohydrates
  • analyze cellular signaling with confocal microscopy
  • culture cancer cells
  • analyze protein expression with flow cytometry
  • analyze viral genomes
  • identify femtograms of protein with mass spectrometry

UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre: provides exceptional service and support for proteomics research in the areas of protein identification and characterization, and quantitative proteomics for biomarker discovery and validation.

4Virology.net: a bioinformatics resource for researchers working with large DNA viruses such as poxviruses, African swine fever virus, iridoviruses and baculoviruses. The resource provides databases and easy-to-use software tools that focus on comparative genomics analyses.

Biotechnical Support Centre: maintains and repairs laboratory equipment and instrumentation for the department’s teaching laboratories and faculty research groups. The biotechnical support staff have a broad range of expertise with instruments and equipment commonly found in laboratories involved in molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology.

The Crystallography Suite: the department is home to a new Rigaku MicroMax 007 rotating anode X-ray generator with VariMax HF confocal optics and Arcsec technology, a Pilatus 200k CMOS-based detector and an Oxford crysystem 800 cryo-cooler which enables the collection of X-ray diffraction data on single crystals at cryo temperatures. This technology supports a strong structural biology based research cluster within the department.